Thursday, 26 April 2012

Spring Urgency & Exhaustion

Despite the fact that I haven't done much of anything these last few days, I feel awfully exhausted. But it still doesn't stop me from enjoying life. I am officially going to go to Weimar two weeks from now. It's only for a day so no worries. Aside from that, there'll be a BBQ party this Saturday with the rest of the Indonesians in Halle. If you know me in real life, you probably also know that I'm not a very social person. If it wasn't for people's influence, I wouldn't socialize at all. That's why I have very little story of hanging out with my indonesian friends here. I apologize if I seem rather cocky and uninvolved -- if you're reading this. That's why I want this last semester in Halle to be a chance for me to reconnect with  people I have subconsciously, if not purposefully, avoided for the last six months. 

On a brighter note, next week is Labor Day! I get a day free from school and any obligating activities. Although next week I'm also supposed to turn in my next batch of portfolio. I hope my portfolio will be done by then and that means...road trip to Bremen and a stop by in Hannover! Oh, God, I miss that city. I mean, there's probably almost nothing...culturally interesting there but the memories and everything. Wow, I just really want to go see it again. Yeah, I'll be going there alone, but still.

Let's talk a little bit about the outfit photos. First thing's first, these were taken on the emergency exit of my building. It wasn't until yesterday did I realize how suitable it is for a sort of photoshoot location. As I said before, I had been feeling rather exhausted -- and probably still am. Therefore, I was reluctant to find a farther location for outfit photos. I already told you my lack of tripod, right? Well, when I took these photos, such a problem still exists. So I had to drag my huge luggage, that has played the role of tripod for so long, through the whole of the 9th floor -- where I live, hoping no one will open their door and see stupidity. There was also an abandoned trolley there that served quite well as a prop. I feel like I'm wearing a camping outfit here, something you would wear while camping on the mountains. All I'm missing is the pair of army boots -- which I wish I had. It's unbelievable how comfortable and weather-suitable it is. The pair of boldly coloured jeans, especially. My first pair of bold colour pants ever! By the way, I just received a new item for my closet yesterday, which I purchased through kleiderkreisel. I cannot wait to create an outfit post out of it. Hope you're having a marvelous Thursday. Only one more day before the weekend. Cheerio!

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