Saturday, 14 April 2012

Mi Casa Es Su Casa

Hello, everyone! I've got to be honest with you: I'm somewhat sick of filling my blog with outfit posts all the time. So sometimes I think of other things I can put in here. Most bloggers I follow post DIYs or giveaways other than outfit posts. I haven't got the ability to create DIYs yet and I can't post giveaways since, well, there's none to give away. Sometimes I think about posting personal problems and such things but I find them rather too depressing to share and this needs to be a neutral place. Well, there is the idea of posting inspirations -- which I have been doing by featuring some of my favourite illustrators -- but I'm somewhat stumped right now. So...I thought of giving you a little tour of my so-called "home". These photos are actually not up-to-date but, well, my room is such a chaos right now and the state of my room in these pictures are probably the cleanest and tidiest state my room has ever been in.

Let's start from the entry, shall we? Now, the first thing you need to remember is I'm an international student with a budget so you have to pardon the fact that my home is rather small compared to other people -- although compared to other students, it's a reasonably huge one. So here's the hallway. You see, in my building, every apartment door has different colours. Dan and Mimi (from this post) also live here. Dan's door is the colour jade and Mimi's door is the colour yellow. Mine is the colour cerulean...I think. Next to the door is the bathroom. I didn't take photo of the toilet but it's also white with blue frills covering the lid. On the wall there's a huge rack. I use it to put plates, bowls, mugs, glasses, books, shoes, bags and other stuff. Oh! The shoe box on the second rack from the top on the right is my memory box.

Welcome to the biggest part of the room, considering I don't use my apartment for much else. This is what it used to look like, with a huge space to spare in front of the wardrobe -- which made me feel very, very weird when people come to visit. The bedside commode I bought from a neighbour along with this scarf. Next to it is the luggage I brought to Germany which included all my belongings back then. The orange bottle on the small table is a kind of present from my dad, which he told me to bring to Germany. I love how it's orange -- which is my favourite colour -- and it comes from Japan. Which brings us to the curtain that I found on discount. It's also orange! Now, moving on to the bed, we have my favourite plushes. The one on the corner is my sleeping buddy, a frog by the name of Gero -- or Gämätrüng as my friends call him, thanks to Wilson who named him that. He was a birthday present from Firu for my 18th birthday. That in the middle is a gingham heart pillow I purchased from IKEA along with the stuffed broccoli -- I'm talking puppet-wise, not food-wise -- named Peños. I love all of them! They give my bed more character. Oh, almost forgot. I don't use this bed for sleeping anymore since I found a larger bed which now fills the spare space near the kitchen.

I think this is the most colourful part of my room. I have seen many people do this: they display pictures of their loved ones to decorate their rooms. I was going to hang it like laundry but I didn't have the chance to buy the tweezers. So, instead, I just taped them to my wardrobe. This idea is, apparently, not so bad. Whenever I feel like I miss someone -- my best friends, per se, or my mom -- I can just walk in front of it and stare at their photos, reminiscing. The beautiful part is, I also taped some more photos on the inside of the wardrobe. The mirror I bought from IKEA -- I bet you've noticed by now how much I love this store. It was originally just 4 pieces of square mirrors, which I then assembled this way. The little clouds on it are memos so that I don't forget to do certain things before leaving the house -- I ignore them most of the times anyway though. I hang my keys on the knob so that I don't forget where they are and it won't be a problem when I forget them -- as oppose to if I leave them in the keyhole. Behind the door are some brooms and mops. On the door, by now, there's another poster taped to it of Desigual. And yes, that hanging on the door knob is the trash bag.

I must say, more than anywhere else is this part of the room the busiest. It is also the more often than not dirtiest one. So what do we have here? There's a rice cooker, two stoves -- I only use one since the light for the other one kind of broke and I can't tell whether they're really on or not, a water heater, cutleries, seasonings, etc. Next to the sink now I have a place for the washed dishes so it's now easier to manage. Another one of my favourite collections -- other than the mentioned price tags -- is fridge magnets! The square one with the arrow is my own design, in case you're wondering. I made it with the help of It's a couple-set a long with Firu's magnet, which is with him now. The next two are from when I went to Italy with my foreign friends -- two of which are Chinese, one Albanian, one Madagascar and one Hungarian. I love the adorable design! There's another element to the collection: this typical Karlsruhe welcome plate magnet. Since I arrived in Karlsruhe, I'd been drooling over this magnet. When I wanted to move out, I searched for this magnet again, as a farewell gift kind of thing...but couldn't find it. Two months ago, Firu found it and told me about it. I quickly went to buy it and now it's stuck on my fridge. Oh, Karlsruhe.

So how was the tour? Was it satisfactory to you? Sorry for the mess and the tiny living space. So, anyway, today's Friday -- pushing to Saturday, really. Hope you had a marvelous Friday the 13th and have one blast of a weekend! Rejuvenate yourself before going back to your routine on Monday. Go nuts, don't care. Cheerio!

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