Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Fernweh ≈ Wanderlust

Time moves awfully quickly these days, doesn't it? Already it's a week before May and two weeks before my midterm exam week. But it's still weeks before my final exam and I get to see Firu again. I just can't wait for it to come before my eyes. Have I mentioned that I got a couple gift certificates from WWF Germany? Yes, yes, I did. They are for many nature-connected places, such as science centres, zoos and nature parks, that I have never even heard before. They seem pretty exclusively exciting too and I'm already planning in my head of using them together with Firu. Traveling is one of the reason I decided to go study in Europe. Ever since I landed here, I've always wanted to do that. And, yes, I've done some traveling over the year but there are still a lot more to explore. Since I've become a student in Halle, though, I feel like I don't have many friends to travel with. That's another reason why I am so psyched that Firu'll come to visit, as oppose to me usually going to him, to Karlsruhe.

Heidelberg, Germany (February 2011)
Stuttgart, Germany (April 2011)
My university has this Kulturkalender (Culture Calendar), which involves two traveling trips. What is Kulturkalender? Well, simple, just students gathering to learn more about other culture or Germany's own.  This calendar holds many different cultural events, such as tandem nights -- where two or more students from different countries sit together and exchange informations about one another's cultures, field trips, and going to the opera. Firu has once done a tandem with a german student named Markus. It was funny how hard he tried to learn Indonesian although it has less grammar than German. He was so used to the different tenses and cases and articles that he had a bit of a culture shock.

Mannheim, Germany (May 2011)
Dresden, Germany (October 2011)
Anyway, more on this Kulturkalender, there are two field trips scheduled before my final exam. One of them is on May 12th and the other one on June 2nd. The first field trip takes place within my midterm exam week and the destination is Weimar, specifically the concentration camp there. Oh, wow! This'd be my chance to actually see the camp. The second field trip takes place on the weekend RIGHT before the final exam and the destination is Sächsische Schweiz (Saxon Switzerland). I don't exactly know this place but my teacher said it is a beautiful place. I checked it out on the internet and, oh, God, yes! It's mega beautiful and very natural! I think I want to go there.

Nürnberg (Nuremberg), Germany (October 2011)
Roma (Rome), Italy (December 2011)
Metzingen, Germany (January 2012)
A few days ago, I leafed through -- how sad this term cannot be said for the following -- Abi's blog, vanilla & lace and spotted her travel photos with her husband while they had a vacation in Germany for a month. Oh my God, she's even gone to places I've never gone to -- or even heard of, such as Bielefeld. That gave me an idea for a new travel destination.

Leipzig, Germany (January 2012)
Drachenfels & North Rhine Westphalia, Germany (February 2012)
Weimar, Germany (April 2012)
Whoa, look at how many places I've been to in the (more or less) one year I've been here. That's probably more places than I've been to in my own country. Next stops: Prague, Paris, Berlin -- I've been here but barely seen anything -- and Hamburg! Oh, man, looking at these photos make my wanderlust grow even bigger...anyway, hope you'll have a blast of a midweek!

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