Friday, 6 April 2012

Childlike Wonders

Starting today it's easter holiday! Yay! I myself am no christian but I'm still very happy about this holiday since it's the only holiday I get this semester -- which kind of sucks. My friends get to go home since they live in Europe. Oh, if only I get to do that too. Now more than ever since a.) Firu is in Indonesia and it's really hard for us to keep in touch right now and b.) my sister will be home in 2 months and I have missed her for over a year now. But I don't have much time to be sad -- despite of what I did this afternoon -- tomorrow I'll be off to Nordhausen to visit some friends, namely Iqbal and Fiwo with my pal, Ryan from Leipzig. The next day I plan to go to Erfurt to see what the fuss is all about -- what with the shopping and how the Nordhausen kids talk about it -- probably also with Atika. And on Sunday, off to Weimar with Zahra! Oh, cannot wait! I call it my Thüringen Adventure.

Some of you might have wondered from the very beginning of this post: WHAT IS UP WITH THOSE PINK TIGHTS? Yeah, yeah, I know. I was shocked too. Trust me, the colour looks a lot more pastel-like and a lot darker when I'm not wearing it. But, somehow, I don't mind having it covering my legs. When I told my best friend, Uli, about these tights, she quickly broadcasted it to our best friends since it was that big. I mean, growing up, I have always been the girl who hated -- and still do, by the way -- pink to the very core. My friends have been teasing me by shoving pink stuff into my face all the years they've known me and these actions haven't resulted into anything...until I started going out with my boyfriend, Firu, who swore to himself to make me like pink and keep giving me pinky gifts for all our monthversaries. They were so lovely that I couldn't bring myself to hate them. Oh, but just so you know, these tights weren't forced by anyone onto me.

The red bolero is something else. I have been looking for one for months now and finally I found it by accident while I was actually looking for tights -- which I found later that day. I really, really love it. I think this outfit is somewhat childlike with the play of bold colours and I think the pink tights play a huge role into the childishness of this whole outfit. But the shoes totally contradict the whole colourful idea and I really, really love how that works. The best part is how comfortable this outfit is. If you want to wear it at home, turn it into a nightgown, just lose the belt and there you go.

A little insight about this dress: I bought it when I went out with my whole family one time. It was a sort of couple-dress with my sister's. Hers is grey. Okay, so here's how the story goes. In our high school, each year, the juniors pick a colour to be their signature colour for the whole student body. When my sister was a junior, her classmates picked the colour grey. And when I was a junior, my...ehh, classmates picked the colour light blue. It was totally coincidentally perfect that we managed to find the same style of dress in our own signature colours! We decided to buy it and couple it up real nice. However, I'm now thinking of making it a print dress using this DIY from Elsie. I hope it's okay with my sister. Well, anyway, enjoy your easter holiday, everyone! Cheerio!

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