Friday, 20 April 2012

Between The Lines

Yesterday was really sunny and warm. I took another walk to the park near Saale. It was larger still and I ventured to the farther part of it. I saw more of it. There was another bridge -- this one actually goes over the Saale River, I have thought wrong before. Since it was sunny, there were more people there than before. They laid out picnic mats and lie on it with friends or lovers. Some of them smoked shisha right near the pond. It was a far larger park than I thought and I think I'd give it another go tomorrow or something. There are still several corners I have yet to explore.

The bridge reminds me a little of a miniature of the Brooklyn Bridge over in New York. Okay, the comparison isn't that...unmistakeable but it still reminds me of it anyway. It probably doesn't open up in the middle and it's not open for cars. There are other buildings around the river -- as seen in the second picture -- and they kind of remind me of castles. I sure hope they are castles, though. I've once seen them when the tramline was rerouted and I think I spied some ships around that area and a romantic spot -- which I hope I'll be able to visit with Firu sometime. This calls for more venturing!

Today's theme is stripes! I didn't even plan this, how awesome is that? First, I wanted to wear the striped tank and didn't know what to match it with. Somehow I ended up with these other two outfit elements: 1.) the lightest and palette of pastel colours of a cardigan and 2.) the comfiest pants I have that aren't elastic. And voilá! All stripes. Well, except for the wedges. I love matching wedges with pants. It just doesn't seem to be an obvious match, unlike when I pair it with sneakers, per se. The redness of the wedges also seems to give this outfit the kick it needs, what with its bold colour and all. You have to know, I took these pictures in a public place with people walking by now and then and the winds slapping my hair against my face. And look at it go! Loving how my hair looks on the second picture, like a lion's mane -- sarcastically, of course.

It is not quite clear in the other photos but these pants are, indeed, also striped. Many have told me these are wonderful-looking pants, which I didn't get the moment I bought it -- I did so for necessity's sake. It was bought in Mangga Dua -- a sort of marketplace in Indonesia -- and doesn't have any sorts of brand of it. People -- well, Indonesians -- quickly enlarged their eyes when I told them this. Is it really that wonderful? I just know it's mega comfy and compliments my body shape. You have to know, though, these pants were more on the cheap side and was thrown in with another pair I originally wanted to buy -- this one. But I ended up liking this pair more than that one. Have a splendid Friday, all! What are your plans for the weekend? Don't just slump at home all day, at least get out and move your body. Cheerio!


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