Sunday, 15 April 2012

The Second Star to the Right

I'm not doing this on purpose, I swear. I didn't even know how so put together these are until after the photoshoot. Okay, so today I woke up real early in the morning to have breakfast and prepare a photoshoot. This Saturday is somewhat special to me because it was a quality time with myself. Yes, I live alone and yes, I barely ever go anywhere with other people. But usually I use my weekend talking to other people. But not today. Not even Firu was allowed to bother me today. I needed that, a whole day just doing things for myself, letting go, not really even thinking about the future. Just a day to exhale whatever kind of things I inhaled over the week. We all need that kind of day once in a while, right? First thing I did today was snapping these photos on my daily walk on the way to the supermarket to buy groceries. Anyway, it was a really nice walk and I found these wonderful playgrounds. And there was no one else around so I could just enjoy being a kid again for once. And there was a swing! I'm a sucker for swings. When I was working in Hannover last summer, I convinced my friends to go swing-hunting just because I wanted to play on a swing.

Okay, these pictures aren't even about the outfit anymore. I was just so psyched to find these playgrounds -- yes, there were two -- that I just started taking pics. So sorry there are too many pictures than necessary here. The alligator is my favourite touch, truth be told. It looks mega-friendly and comfy. I could sunbathe on it forever. The turtle has a rather sorry fate, what with his head being chopped off and all. Poor guy. I really like taking pics outdoor. Natural lighting has always been my best friend. So...expect the coming outfit photos to be taken in the wild. Oh, in case you're wondering, the location of these photos is the same as the one from the previous post. It's a park right behind my building. It's called Südpark, which translates to South Park -- get it? The comedy of it just dawned on me after the shots.

You should know that there is a small river lining this park. In this river, there are usually ducks and swans floating about. I love hearing them quack-quack and seeing them floating around so happily. But today I found this bunch of ducks just sitting on the grass, sunbathing. Oh, so adorable! I just HAD to snap a picture. As I walk by, though, the ducks started fleeing to the river. So sad, they were afraid of me. As I was preparing to take a picture on the slides -- like the ones below -- I saw this birdhouse on a tree. It was kind of unbelievable. I mean, it was a public park and yet, someone built a birdhouse there. What a nice person he/she must be. This birdhouse is also extra adorable. Too bad I didn't see any birds getting to it.

Now about what I was talking about. So here is my VERY FIRST PETER PAN COLLAR OUTFIT EVER! I think I've been drooling over this shirt since December -- all I remember was the bunny prints -- when I went shopping to H&M with Kynann in Heidelberg. I found it in store two days ago and also FOR SALE! I tried it on and quickly purchased it. Okay, now remember who Peter Pan is? He's the kid who refused to grow up and flew to Neverland, where he could be a kid forever. Finding these playgrounds while I was wearing this peter pan collar outfit is perfect! It's like I was turned back into a kid whilst wearing this outfit. Thanks, Peter! And also...bunnies. In Japan, it is said that a bunny lives on the moon -- or many bunnies, I don't know -- since the reflection of the moon looks, to them, like a bunny. This is perfect! Neverland's located in the second star to the right and bunnies live on the moon. Well, it's one hell of a secretly cosmic shirt I have here. Well, anyway, have a nice weekend, everyone! Remember to relax. Cheerio!

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