Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Al Naturèl

The sun came out to play today and the wind gave light greetings now and then. It was such a lovely weather, one that I have scarcely experienced this year. Seeing the sun shining so beautifully, glittering through my windows, I just couldn't resist. I MUST take pictures outside. If you remember correctly, I have mentioned before that I do not own a tripod but today especially I have been drooling over them. But then I went out and snapped these pictures without the help of another person or a tripod. So maybe I don't need them so very desperately. I still want to switch to a DSLR though but I know it's so damn expensive -- you know, for a student on a budget like me -- so I'm still thinking it over. Aside from that, today is a somewhat gleeful day. I only had one class today, the weather is lovely, the glee from my easter weekend still lingers and Amazon just sent me a lovely book I've forgotten I ordered.

I was originally going to post an outfit post from my easter weekend -- whose photos would be an SLR product, which I love. But those photos aren't on my computer so I still need to get them sent out to me before I can include them to any of my blog posts. Last easter was rather enjoyable, spending my weekend with the best hosts I know. I hope I can share it with you guys tomorrow.

Have you guys noticed that I sometimes mention labels that aren't exactly famous and never linked you to any of them? Like Connexxion and AKO. Well, you see, those are local labels from Indonesia that belong to Matahari Department Store. Yes, department store. It is my favourite yet because most anything comes cheap and really lovely. I love their somewhat unique styles too. The shirt I'm wearing in this outfit has nevada as a label, which also belongs to the same department store. It is Firu's favourite label, which is too bad because it doesn't exist here -- he had the same trouble as me going shopping the first few weeks we were here. There was this one time I bought him a really lovely gradient-blue shirt from the same label for him. It was extra lovely -- both my opinion and his -- until his father gave it away to charity without knowing it was a present from me. He felt bad afterwards but, well, what's done is done.

Anyway, have you noticed how I styled my hair in this post? I'm not a hairstylist, per se, but I think I need to at least try styling my hair now and then. I WAS going to tie it up into a huge bun but I couldn't manage to do it. Instead, I styled it up like Asuka Langley from Evangelion -- yes, I'm an anime/manga- fan so sue me. Truth be told, I've never even watched this series but I see it all the time. And somehow, my hair just turned out like that and reminded me a lot of her hairstyle.

This is the book I was talking about: the 5th book in the Isabel Dalhousie Series!
Hope you all had a great Tuesday. I know easter is over, but don't be down. Cheerio!

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