Monday, 10 August 2015

#alivegurlmudik: Eid at the Grandparents'

B's wearing: Madjani hijab // N.y.L.a. top // Sis's cardigan + purse // hand-me-down pants // DF Fashion shoes // outfit photos by Akita

After three years of spending this Eid al-Fitri abroad with friends and a country void of festivities on this day, I could finally go home and celebrate with the rest of the family! It feels great to reunite with the cousins, aunts, uncles and, most importantly, grandparents. Although, of course, as years go by, the festivities just seem to become less and less intense, much like one's birthday. But it was still great to catch up and have a feast with everyone - by everyone, I mean the cousins and their families, but not our own, apparently. My sister and I arrived in Surabaya, as you know, a week before Eid al-Fitri and spent our time roaming around town, checking out historical sites and such. But on this day, all the family gathered together to pray and feast. This time the female grandchildren - my sister, our cousin and I - helped out in the kitchen as well. It was a right ol' riot! Afterwards, we all did "sungkem" - it's a Javanese tradition where the younger generations go down on their knees to beg forgiveness/blessings from the older generations - and prayed and dug in. As the men all go to the Friday prayer, the girls took the chance to take tons of photos directed by my aunt. It was pretty hilarious! Then the grandchildren went out for ice cream to good old Zangrandi and the festivities were over.

Q's wearing: Madjani hijab // Stepmom's kaftan // Kmart pants // Mom's purse // Marie Claire shoes

This Eid al-Fitri, I thought I'd go a little bit more covered up and behaved than usual, but still with a little twist of my own. As I plan to wear hijab after marriage, I think it would be wise of me to start sporting one every now and then to get some bearings on the matter. It just so happens that a middle schoolmate of mine owns a hijab online store, Madjani. She came up with this pinless series, which is just brilliant! It's a scarf stitched on the side so it would like your everyday hijab but you need no more pins to put it on. Just slide your head into it and you're good to go - you can also adjust the length of the rest of the fabric so it's cool. My sister bought two for work, and I bought one. I absolutely love it! It's so breezy and soft, quite dirt-proof and - let's not forget! - stylish. There are around 9 colours to choose from and they're all gorgeous. I might purchase some more in the future so please don't stop producing them! Before you wonder, no, she's not paying me to plug her brand. On the outfit as a whole, I've never tried a casual hijab look so I thought I'd go with it. It turns out, I quite like it. What do you think?

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