Monday, 24 August 2015

Style Swap with Divina Aulia

For a while now I've been craving for some creative photography outlet. Sadly, I don't live in a world surrounded by people who are passionate in photography in the same sense as I am. Very few people are. That's why I was somewhat delighted when I found out that my old friend Vina was coming home. It just seemed whenever Vina and I get together - or maybe whenever she hangs out with people - we tend to take creative photographs. Or, as I prefer to call it, no-agenda photography. We had a little photoshoot session with a new friend earlier this month - the post is coming later this week. It was a whole lot of fun that we wanted to do some more before she departs back to Germany. So we met up last Friday for an outfit-swapping-themed photoshoot, which I'd never done before. It was so much fun!

It was kind of surprising to see how different an outfit looks on someone else! I hadn't expected it to be this different but it is! First off, Vina and I have very different styles. She leans more toward b&w while, you know me and my colours. Thankfully, we are pretty much of the same size so everything we own - at least during the photoshoot - fit the other rather well. Except for the shoes, so we didn't swap them. Such a shame, thought it would've been absolutely fun to see. Second of all, Vina wears hijab now so I had to make sure the outfits I picked from my closet would still be okay for hijabis. That and trying to wear something I've never worn before makes it quite hard for me. But it was a good change of air. Also, being able to wear Vina's seaweed pants was really entertaining, actually.

We only prepared three outfits this time - due to time and, well, capability - but I hope you guys enjoy this experience as much as we did. There will be a video to add to this post as well, where we walked you through it a bit and what we learnt from this experience. If you want to be the first to watch it, subscribe to Vina's Youtube channel because she will upload it there as soon as she's finished. She was in charge with editing the video, I was in charge with editing the photos. Hope we can do this again sometime because moments like this really keep me alive! If you're local and you'd like to do this kind of sessions with me, let me know because one can never make too many friends ;)

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