Saturday, 22 August 2015

POPCON Asia 2015: "It's Okay to Be an Alien"

Around two weeks ago, PopCon Asia was held in Jakarta and I wanted so bad to attend for months now. It actually shocked me a little that it was closer than I thought when I checked. Thankfully, I didn't miss it. Being new to this whole convention business in Indonesia, I don't know what the difference is between one event from the other. But, according to what I witnessed, PopCon seemed a little more like a creative industry get-together, with actual panels and official booths - there was a Wacom booth and I finally tried out Cintiq. The reason I wanted to go was actually the artist alley, which is always something worth visiting. Cynthia, Cafa - my brother - and I attended the event together from early in the morning before all of the booths were even open. There were various items for sale in various styles and pop-culture branches - not just otaku-themed, as some might believe. It's also not too Japanese convention-esque, if you know what I mean. Many cosplayers came out to play, including some dressed as Marvel superheroes - and even some working in the booths.

Connexion dress (old) // thrifted jacket + purse // hand-me-down pants // Gelugu Accessories necklace // Madonna hairband // MKS ankle boots // outfit photos by Cynthia

The best part about events like this is meeting artists I've been following for a while or even new ones I've never heard of before. I had really great chats with some of them and it was really enlightening. Also, I met Mei of Big Dreamer for the first time - although we didn't say 'hi' because we couldn't quite place each other. Not only local artists, other Asian - or even international - artists also came down to showcase their work. Cynthia bought a set of superhero comics from a Jerry Hinds, the president of ACAS Singapore, and got a caricature of herself from him in addition. Another exciting thing that happened that day was meeting up with my underclassman from middle school, Irfan. We go way back! Before I was cool. And it was so nice to see each other again and catch up. We met a couple times in high school too but, afterwards, a lot of things have changed. I went to Germany, while he ventured to Wales. But some things never change. At the end of the day, I got myself tons of name cards to connect with artists online and make friends with them, if possible, and a (redeemed) promise to catch up with my old pal. That was the busiest weekend of my month!

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