Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Reka Rupa Rasa

Concept art for the film "Anak Kebo" (lit. translated: Buffalo Boy) by Caravan Studio

Paper art by Sandy Lee, one of Indonesia's illustrators for National Geographics

Last week my friends Jess and Vivi and I visited an illustration exhibition—and art market—at Dia.Lo.Gue. If you're Indonesian, follow design and popculture, you will most likely know about this place. It is both a restaurant and an art space, which often holds exhibitions and workshops. Last week they held the Reka Rupa Rasa exhibition and art market, showcasing works from 13 illustrators, including those from Japan, South Korea and Thailand. The front area showcased various works by a select number of illustrators, including a concept art for an Indonesian movie—which my sister has been dying to watch—and the history of illustration in Indonesia. As you move slowly to the backside, you will be met with interesting activities and interactive displays. There is a small makeshift house with TVs inside, in which you can watch short animated films—including one made by our senior Sherchle. There is also a wall of doodles, where people can contribute with their own drawings, with a supply of markers on the side. Outside in the courtyard, you will finally arrive at the art market, where a number of people sell their work, including merchandise, prints, clothes and food. There are some names I recognise, such as Sukkha Citta, Koola Stuffa, Bernadet Putri—she remembered me!—and Loredanzo.

Hand-me-down top + skirt + purse // thrifted loafers // outfit photos by Jess and Vivi

It was a really fun exhibition to visit, I must say, but there were a few drawbacks that we experienced too. First of all, it was crazy crowded in there. The place was relatively small for so many works to be displayed—plus, the dining area is smack dab in the middle of it all. I'm sure we were bothering the luncheners, but there was really not much we could do to see all the works being displayed. It would've been better to separate the art stuff with the dining area, in my opinion. The interactive displays were really interesting, to be honest, but we completely missed out. For instance, the Wall of Doodle was already entirely covered by doodles. There was also one postcard exchange post, but it's all out of blank postcards already too. (Edit: and, apparently, the event will still go on until August 19th!) The art market area was also rather small, so there were very few tenants. I guess the main focus is the exhibition. After going around for a while, we didn't have any places to hang—even though we initially wanted to chill and order drinks there—so we walked to the nearby pok√© bowl place, Honu. We spent hours catching up and exchanging laughs, it was so much fun!

P.S: I apologise for my unruly hair. I'm not built to fashion blog after all.

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