Saturday, 28 July 2018

Mix It Up a Notch: Batik Bolero

If you've been following this blog a while, you might have noticed how much I love batik. Dress, pants, top, jacket, skirt—you name it, I love them all! The most unique and probably one of the oldest batik pieces I've been wearing to this day: it's a bolero. This bolero has been a much beloved item in my wardrobe since maybe 2009-2010. If I'm not mistaken, my Grandma got it for me and my sister once upon a time and I've just been loving it ever since. It's been around for so long, that it was one of the first items of clothing I wore within the first six months of my blogging. It helped that around that time I was obsessed with boleros too. I love its breezy cotton material, its rather neat and classic cut and its subtle mix of various colours. It can really make for a casual look as well as turn up the formality in an outfit. Funny thing is, I haven't actually rocked it all that much on the blog until a few years ago. But just know that they steal the spotlight more times offline ;)

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