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Want to Know My 11 Deepest Darkest Secrets?

Several days ago, I was just strolling through the bloggosphere where I happened to stumble upon Elizabeth's post. This looks a whole lot like one of those 'random' tags that people used to love to do over at deviantART -- which where my online soul used to dwell. I've always loved such things even though I never really know what to write, especially since I've written pretty much everything you need to know about me already. Let me give it a shot once more.

So these are the conditions she held up for her followers to do:
1. Post these rules.
2. Post a photo of yourself and 11 random things.
3. Answer the questions set for you in the original post.
4. Create 11 new questions and tag people to answer them.
5. Go to their blog/twitter and tell them you've tagged them.

Now here're the 11 random things about me!

1. Ever since my mother died, my dad has become extra protective of me. He's become more paranoid and careful. Let's not psychoanalyse this but...when I was entering high school, I passed the entrance exams to two schools. Both of which my father couldn't believe. He told me to ask their respective offices whether the announcement was a typo or not. I was irritated as hell. But then it caught me. I became extra cautious when I was applying for grad school. I didn't announce it until I received the semester ticket by mail. Like father, like daughter, no?

2. I can ride bikes. I can. But...when I was in the 6th grade, I rode my friend's bike until it was bent sideways. My friend rode at the back. That day, we fell along with the bike around 3 - 4 times. That made me quite traumatic and haven't tried riding bikes like I used to for years. I wish to purchase a bike soon, though.

3. Back in grade school, our school provided a number of school buses. I've joined this service since preschool. In the school bus heading to my neighbourhood and around, there are a total of around 10 kids. We formed a small make believe country called Tidilnavinesia, based on our names abnormally reversed. Being kids, there is this spoilt kid we hated in the school bus that we imagined was the great enemy boss and we were the commanders to fight this evil villain. The whole story was awesome and childishly imaginative. Too bad, none of us wrote it down. 

4. Remember one of my best friends of 8 years, Gina? Well, once upon a time, she tripped and tore the skin of her forehead. She needed around 5-ish stitches...I think? After she fell down, I heard she just laughed like crazy, whilst blood just washed over her white uniform -- I wasn't on location but I saw the evidence. Afterwards, she came to school with a band-aid stamped on her head. Until it was taken off, I kept teasing her by trying to touch her wound until she even bumped her head on the door. I still wonder, until now, how we've stayed friends this long...

5. If I wasn't an illustrator(-to-be), I think I would've excelled in performing arts. I was always so interested in acting. Back in grade school, I was close to this girl in my neighbourhood -- we kind of grew apart afterwards -- and I used to come up with ideas to stage a play in the whole neighbourhood. It never actually happened but we loved playing roles with just ourselves. This 'skill' is still with me even now. I'm so good at lying since I always keep such a straight face when I do -- but only for jokes, I don't really like lying for real. Do you know the card game Werewolf? Well, when my friends, Firu and I were playing that, Firu and I were the most unreadable since we tend to put on our poker faces during the game. If I ever pursued an acting career, I'm pretty optimist that I could've won an oscar. Is it too late to change profession now?

6. Feminism is and probably will always be a mystery to me. Being a girl/woman, you probably think I'd get it, naturally. But I don't. Can someone please explain the whole deal to me? I mean, c'mon. I'm up for ladies' rights to choose and go to school and the whole thingamajig but what men accuse ladies of -- double standards -- isn't too far off the mark. How come ladies have the right to choose whether to do things and they don't give men the same courtesy? I'm not against feminism, really. I just think it should be less ambiguous

7. Here's a side of me I have yet to share on the blog, aside from that one post I wrote. Yes, you got me. I'm an otaku. That's what you call a person or a group who are enthusiastic about the japanese culture, especially anime (animation), manga (comic books) and video games. I guess that makes me a japanese geek. I do enjoy watching the occasional anime, reading the occasional manga and playing the occasional video games. Oh, I also originally wanted to go to college in Japan and have learnt my fair share of Japanese -- at the very least, I can already read several kanjis, but the living and study costs there are far too expensive for my (family's) wallet. So, instead, I moved to Germany. This made me capable of speaking a total of 4 languages.

8. Even though people claim that high school is the golden years, the most memorable time of school life, I beg to differ since mine was anything but. I believe until now that high school was a total waste of time. I got there just to get the degree and get out. No, I wasn't bullied, I had friends and yadda yadda. But, for me, middle school shined brighter. And I also believe that all the choices I made after middle school were just...wrong...until Firu came along. No offence to my high school friends but I do believe that I got nothing out of high school...really.

9. Growing up my sister and I have always been categorised as two opposite people. She was always the pretty one, I was always the, uhh, less pretty one. She was shy, I was loud. She was feminine, I was the tomboy. She was long-haired whereas my hair never grew past my chest. I look more Japanese and she resembles Indians. She was more romantically popular with boys whereas I never have problems being friends with them. Even so, we have always been so close and tell each others our secrets. Sometimes I do find her irritating but she is probably the best sister a girl could ask for.

10. Once upon a time, I was obsessed with twins. I still am, actually. But there was a time I wanted three pairs of twins as children. I never thought of how I was going to give birth to them or how I was going to raise them. All I knew was that I would have three groups of beautiful children and can mix and match what they'd wear. Ironically enough, I never fell for anyone who has twin genes running through their veins. But I am perfectly pleased now with whatever child God will bless me with.

11. Maybe I've said this time and time again on the blog, but I'll say it again: I used to be fat. Not obese...yet. But fat...ter than now. It's funny how little you notice yourself gaining weight when you've been characterised as fat all your life -- you know, when parents say that their baby is fat, that's supposed to be a good thing. I thought, "Yeah, I've always been fat, big deal." I noticed this one day when my dad pointed it out by comparing two pictures of me. I've grown MASSIVE! It scared me and I started to really go on a diet, supported by Mom. Somehow, I lost weight and can fit into what I couldn't fit into anymore.

Danielle's 11 questions:

1. If money, schooling or time was no obstacle, what career would you choose?

Had this been asked when I was a whole lot younger, I'm sure I would've answered, without a doubt, "An artist." But, since I'm trying to pursue that right now, in the real world where not everything can happen, I think I want to open a library. Simple, really. And you probably don't need much schooling or time anyway, but if money wasn't an issue, I'd definitely do that. Also, an archeologist. Because discovering artefacts is awesome!

2. What’s the one thing you look forward to every day?

Blog-wise, I do look forward to the moment I take pictures for the blog and write a post of them. I also love reading people's posts from bloglovin' or blogger. I also look forward to the time I get to put on various outfits each day. However, nothing gets me through the day like the thought of seeing Firu again. Of course, when he's around, I simply look forward to waking up in his arms. Nothing beats the protective feeling the best man in the world gives you even subconsciously.

3. What is your number one, all-time, favorite blog?

Number one, all-time, you say? Wow. Hmm. This is tough. Do I really have to pick just one? If yes, I think saying Elsie's blog, A Beautiful Mess is an open card, huh? But it is. It's what got me into blogging in the first place, although what introduced me to it is Bonnie's Flashes of Style. But I've gotten to know a lot more blogs since then and I feel like the blogger who resembles me the most would have to be Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky.

4. Biggest online pet peeve?

Trolls. There was a time a group of people from my middle school attacked my friends and I online just because we have passions. They were too chicken to do it at school. We decided to steer into the skid and, somehow, it went away. But, seriously, I hated them. I hate online trolls. 

5. What is your all-time favorite book?

Seriously, you're asking me this now? Oh, damn. What am I supposed to say? I've been reading books my whole life and don't know what to pick. There are only a number of books I've reread my whole life. But you're asking for A BOOK, right? Not a series? Then, I'm afraid, I have to be frank. Clare Morrall's Natural Flights of the Human Mind is my go-to book. Such a sweet yet non-gooey love story. It has a lighthouse and vintage planes too! Ooh.

6. What would your “last meal” be?

Soto Madura complete with chicken lungs and cow brainloaf, Mom's best Nasi Goreng fried rice with small cut-up sausages and medium-rare sunny-side-ups, Seafood Tofu Sapo, Peppermint Bubble Tea and Tropical Fruits for dessert. 

7. Do you believe in love at first sight?

Love is one of the excessively-used words of the world. And no, I don't believe in it. Firu claimed once to like me at first sight. But that wasn't love. It might be now. But love grows. It doesn't just appear out of nowhere. I do agree with what Elizabeth said to this question. People who say they can't leave someone because they love them, without even knowing anything about them and only wishes to be 'their only one.' Those people, they don't know what love is. Love is wishing for your loved ones to be happy, even if that happiness has nothing to do with you. At first sight, there's only infatuation.

8. What would your ideal Sunday morning consist of?

Normal people's definition of Sunday and mine are totally different. For me, Sunday is a painfully close reminder to the hectic routine of Monday. It's like watching a movie, when you see that the guy almost caught up to the girl who's getting into a plane. My breath is practically held. But my ideal Sunday dates back to my childhood. It would, of course, be sunny but not too hot. Mom's fried rice would already be on the table, we would be having breakfast together. Dad would pop in a CD or two and turn it up to bring down the house. For dinner, we might go out to a local restaurant or street vendor. That was our ideal Sunday.

9. Why do you blog?

Blogging was first introduced to me as an online private journal, where you just post about how you feel or what you've experienced. Back then, I used livejournal to blog. I posted a very long story, almost a novel, really. But why I blog like this right now...well, I'm impressed by how inspirational and friendly the blogging world is. It's boundless, breaking the geographical limits and bringing people with the same interests together. I've learnt a lot from blogging, both for online and in real life. Also, it's such a thing to look forward to even when nothing special is happening in real life.

10. If you had to choose one color to wear forever, what would you pick?

Either red or orange. I'm so obsessed with their shades. Mainly, because orange is my absolute favourite colour. But red is sexy and bold.

11. What is your all-time favorite band?

Fall Out Boy

So yeah. I know it looks a whole lot wordy and you might be too lazy to read them. But if you have, you have my thanks. Anyway, I tag Akita of Silencio, Gina of Sailing Home, Zahra of Pomegranate and Cranberry Juice and all of my readers! Leave a comment to your link here, please. I'm not changing the questions because I have no idea what to ask. Enjoy! Cheerio!

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