Thursday, 4 October 2012

Baby Doll Batik

Happy Belated Batik Day and German's Independence Day, all! To commemorate these events, I wore this beautiful Batik dress the other day. I was originally going to wear it to the local Oktoberfest but everything kind of got screwed up when A.) Firu just up and left to Hamburg last weekend and B.) the other Oktoberfest I researched wasn't open for public after all. Sad, I was...well, am, really. But no matter. I don't know if you could take a good look at the dress but I do wish you could because...I DESIGNED THIS DRESS! Yes, yes, I did. That was back in Indonesia when I found a sufficient Batik fabric and decided to magically turn it into a dress. Because I can't sew -- well, I can't sew a dress, I took the materials and design to the tailor across the street and had this made. Is it ever so obvious that I simply adore how this turned out?

Details: rounded collar (supposed to be Peter Pan-collared), black skirt layered with batik, puffy blue batik sleeves (no buttons), batik button accessories

Dress// tailor-made; Coat// Marks & Spencer; Bag// Gifted; Tights// DeichmannShoes// Primark

Tie (worn as hairband)// Cotton Club; Watch// Guess (gift); Photos of me by Firu

Can you tell that I've gone back to my trusted and beloved Canon Powershot? I am reminded why I love this camera so much, despite the fact that it's no SLR. It's starting to get cold and the SLR I was borrowing started acting out again. I'm interested in purchasing one myself and have been eyeing either the Canon DSLR 600D or the Nikon DSLR D3200. What do you guys think? Does anybody have any clue about SLR cameras at all? Help! With the autumn coming up, it's the perfect opportunity for some photo op, really.

My hair is getting longer, have you noticed? It's getting to the point, where it's far too short to be called any hairstyle but too long to be called pixie cut. I'm excited to have it at least shoulder-length and crop it  into a bob. Winter is coming in and I really want to get a little warmer with longer hair. This dress, although it was made in a tropical country and tailor-made, no less, it is actually thicker than it seems. So fitting for german festivals and winter road trips. Which we WILL be having this December with some fellows of ours to one of the european countries. Guess which one! Campus life is coming soon and I really want to really take in every last moment I get with Firu before it starts. We're supposed to get me to move in today. Eep! Why don't you guys have an anything-but-mundane Thursday! Cheerio!


  1. I love your batik! and they look great paired with those shoes and leggings <3

  2. This is such a cute post, I love the dress, such a lovely pattern.

    You have a really cool blog here. Do you want to follow each other, I would love that.

    1. Thank you so much :) This pattern is called Batik, it's a typical indonesian pattern.
      Thanks for your kind comment and I'd love to follow your lovely blog as well!


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