Thursday, 11 October 2012

Mix It Up A Notch: Denim Coat

This is probably the oldest piece in my closet that I've remixed a lot in the past year. Originally, I found this in my sister's closet. She claimed to not own it and so I assume it used to belong to our mother. I still remember my sister saying that wearing this makes me look like a '70s cop/detective or something. But I managed to make it benefit me sartorially and remixed it in these five combos. I do like its unique appearance since I don't think anyone makes denim coats anymore. It is quite versatile and compatible with anything. Although I haven't exactly tried a denim on denim action and am far too afraid to try so I've been wearing it with skirts so far. We'll see what else I'll come up with later. Cheerio!

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