Saturday, 6 October 2012

The Three-Colour Rule

If you have to ask what my favourite month of the year is, I would definitely, without a doubt answer October. Happy things happen in October. It is when my favourite season, autumn, peaks. The month of my birthday. The month of excitement. The month we celebrate Halloween -- which worked to my best advantage for my 17th birthday party. I believe a post similar to this has been made before but I just can't help it that I love October so much. Last year, October loved me back and gave me two golden chances to see my beloved in the second month of our early long distance relationship. The years before, it was the month my sister came back from Australia. I can't believe a year's passed since the first time I tried my hand on a considerably long distance relationship. Three years since my Halloween-themed birthday. What will happen this October? Who's to say?

The beginning of this October was rather hectic for me. I moved into a new home that will hopefully be  my permanent home in Germany -- finally. I prolonged my electronic visa with the help of a kind but stern lady at the immigration. There will be an orientation for foreign students on Monday and orientations for my major and minor the week after. The actual class will start two days before my birthday, which is kind of bittersweet. But I love being kept busy. I've made some friends in the last few days. If I have time -- and the permit, I might feature my new home along with my new roommates later on the blog. They are really cool and friendly. I'm so glad to have them as roommates. Aside from them, there are also some friends of my friends who I was introduced to. I have just the best of friends. Thanks, guys!

Top// Primark; Tulle skirt// Pimkie (finally on sale! from 20€ to 5€); Blazer// H&M (borrowed); 

Tights// flea market; Bag// Euroshop; Ballerina// Tracce

Back when I was still in Indonesia, my stepmom told me of an important rule in creating an outfit. It might not be mandatory but it poses to be quite important. She told me that an outfit should consist of a maximal of three colours. I take it that the colour can only be three but might still be okay to vary in different shades. Upon putting together this outfit, I remembered what she said and divided this outfit in three monochromic regions: Navy, White and Black. I kind of like how it turns out. If you haven't noticed it yet, I've been eyeing this tulle skirt since, like, April or May and was completely disappointed to find it was 20€. When I got back in the autumn, it was reduced so low to 5€! Oh wow! Even though the stitch was a little bit jacked, I snatched it right away. Combined with these ballerina flats, I feel like a total ballerina. Maybe I'll get to style it like that too one day. Have an autumnal weekend, all! Cheerio!

P.S: Don't forget to enter this awesome Denim Competition by New Look!


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