Thursday, 18 October 2012

Do You Hear the Sound of Something Lost Gone Found?

The beginning of something new always gives you a giddy feeling. You shiver the night before, scared of anything going wrong. You want to turn back and not start at all. But, I once read, scary is good. It lets you know you're on to something big. Think about it, why would you have an opinion about something that isn't important? I've been giddy about this orientation week myself. The one person I know who's going to this school isn't in the same department as I am and she didn't come to the international orientation. I was afraid to face things on my own. I came home that night, already gaining four friends -- none of which come from Indonesia. Scary is good. Speaking of beginnings, today is the actual beginning of class. I don't know what to expect but I sure am excited.

Simplicity dress // Primark chunky cardigan // Rilakkuma bag (gift) // Pieces scarf // Esprit leggings // 

H&M socks // Deichmann Chelsea Boots // Metro hairband

Let's call this post 'Forgotten Dress 2.0' because the dress I'm wearing is the other one I left over at Firu's for 8 months. It is, I think, the only gingham dress I own. If only you could see it bare, it will surely remind you of '60s housewives. Okay, confession time. Before we went to Duisburg last weekend, Firu and I had a little bit of a Primark date. This chunky cardigan was one of the loots. I'm all about chunky these days so this cardigan and scarf will probably appear more on my daily outfits. Also, I love this Rilakkuma bag to death. People keep noticing how adorable it is and tell me it's pretty. Why, thank you. Does Firu have great taste or what? Hope you all have great starts this autumn! Cheerio!


  1. "You want to turn back and not start at all." passiert auch genauso by mir biv. bagus bgt post nya, aku jadi terharu sendiri :')


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