Sunday, 28 October 2012

Ladies Date: Flea Market + IKEA Tour

 When I say this weekend was cold, I think we could all agree. It snowed mildly in Germany and, when I woke up, the cars before my house were covered partly with pure white snow. It kind of sucked because some friends and I planned to go out and see the Casseler Freyheit on Saturday. The festival itself -- at least the parts we saw -- wasn't all that interesting. Poor rides lacked passengers because it was too cold to ride anything. Nearby, we found a flea market and had fun browsing through everything. Oh yeah! How impolite of me. Meet Sakurako, Liang and Nouf, my lady friends from different countries. Sakurako from Japan, Liang from Taiwan and Nouf from Saudi Arabia. By the end of it, we all purchased something, except for Nouf. I actually went home with three purchased items. Oops!

Because it was unbearably cold, Sakurako suggested we go inside a building and warm ourselves up. Nouf suggested we go drink some coffee or something. It was kind of something because I don't normally go out for some least not in Germany. We all ordered different beverages and chatted in English and German -- because Liang can't speak German very well and Sakurako's better in German. I find it somewhat adorable that these girls are still friends even when they can barely speak the same language. Afterwards, we decided to go to IKEA because we all needed something for our new homes -- Nouf couldn't join us, sadly. IKEA-touring was always one of my favourite activities. Of course I bought something again and I thank both these girls for helping me lug them home. That was one multicultural day! I had such a wonderful time. Hope we can do this again. Have fun cozying up this Sunday, guys! Cheerio!

P.S: Some of these photos were taken by Liang with her Nikon D600 -- guess which ones!

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