Sunday, 21 October 2012

One Eye on the Future and One Foot on the Past

This last photo totally speaks "Autumn" to me

Hello, my dear readers! Oh wow, today I am writing in a brand new age. Yes, yesterday was my birthday. My twentieth too, no less. Huge step, indeed! Anyway, I already shared with you what I've achieved in the last year. Now I'm going to tell you what I did on my birthday. This was somewhat exciting because Firu and I...we went to the Netherlands! Well, Venlo to be specific. It is a small town located just shy of the border. This was very exciting because it was Firu's first trip abroad outside of Germany. Yaay! Let me just say that I adore Venlo's city structure and architecture for ever so much. Those red, daydreamt brick houses and loads and loads of bicycles -- these Hollands sure love them some bikes! We had to watch where we were going because bikes came swerving from all around us. But it was very refreshing and old-school. I love everything old school! There were few modern-styled buildings here as well. So, of course, I fell in love with Venlo at first sight.

One of the main reasons we actually got off our lazy bums and went to Venlo at all was this Indonesian store, Toko Indradjaja. Oh wow! This store was packed with local produces -- I mean, since I'm an Indonesian and all. Firu and I were so thrilled to see so many Indonesian products and food that we could buy. We ended up not buying so much but we bought things we could rarely -- or never -- find elsewhere. Aside from that, this store actually has a 'restaurant' on the front. It's a 'restaurant' because you can barely call it that but the taste of their food is top notch! We were ready to pay however much it'd cost because we were so hungry and for Indonesian food, no less. It actually turned out not to cost too much. Oh, but tasty they were. Plus the owner was a Surabayan and we got to chat up a little bit. Many Hollands walked in and greeted us in Indonesian or even Javanese! Awesome!

Afterwards, we actually stopped by at a german supermarket, Die Zwei BrĂ¼der von Venlo (The Two Brothers from Venlo). Well, we were quite surprised to find one there. But we enjoyed grabbing Holland items and paying it at the German-speaking cashier. Everything was also listed in German -- which was easier for us. The town seemed to be having a festival of some sort. It was all so evenly spread out throughout the town. We saw ferris wheels, attractions and stalls. We didn't get on any, though. Too bad all of the stores closed at 5 PM. We didn't get to take a look at any brands that Germany doesn't have. We took the longest train ride home that night (because someone decided to up and kill himself on the train track that day). Oh, boy, was that tiring. Enjoy the rest of your weekend, guys! Cheerio!


  1. kamera pake tipe apa biv, ? bening banget..

  2. Happy birthday bivi! :)
    stay creative and may all your dreams come true :D


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