Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Snippets of this Little Ol' Home + Envy Green

Connexion sheer top // Primark chunky cardigan // Mangga dua striped pants // Pieces scarf // Typo satchel // 

C&A boyscap // Sox Galeri socks // Lucky Shoes boots via Soho Zoo

It has been quite a while since the last time I actually took indoor outfit photos. No, I haven't gotten too lazy to take them outside. The two days I actually wore this ensemble was rather packed with lectures and appointments and errands to run so I didn't have time to take a second and take photos somewhere pretty. But this is a chance for you to sneak a peek into my new home. I'm not showing too much because most of it is super catastrophic, though. So what you get is what you get. Finally! I get to show off this pretty top to you all. This is my and my sister's favourite top in the world, probably, since I kept wearing it and my sister steals it from my closet when I'm not around -- Yes, I know you do. It's probably the only paisley piece I own. I love its faux kimono style plus the fact that it makes my legs look long. If it wasn't obvious enough, this outfit is more or less to show off my brand new boots. They're green! This pair reminds me of "Natalie + Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice" Benni Boots. Of course, it pales in comparison but close enough. They're super comfy too and pretty much versatile. Green reminds me of Firu since that's his favourite colour. This way, too, I'd be ready for the next St. Patrick's Day -- even though I don't really get what it's all about. Have a fresh green Monday! Cheerio!

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