Friday, 12 October 2012

Hot Air Balloons of Thoughts

Tee// Threadless; Cardigan//Noir Sur Blanc; Skirt// Cotton Club; Belt// New Yorker; 

Tights// H&M; Satchel bag// Typo; Ballerina flats// Tracce

Even though I've lived in Germany for 1 1/2 years, going back here still felt a whole lot like being on vacation. I can't believe that in a week real life will be starting. Thank God, I've finally found a home. Anyway, remember my somewhat disappointing trip to Leipzig for some hot air balloons that didn't show up? Well, I bought this tee to mend my broken heart. It arrived just after I left for Indonesia so I had yet to try it on. Did I mention that I adore this tee to pieces? I was going to take it for a spin whilst blowing bubbles or flying a gazillion balloons to the sky. But real life got in the way. Aside from that, I simply love, love, love these tights with all my heart. Pairing them with these shoes seem fitting. These photos were taken a few weeks ago when Vina was staying over at my house for a couple days and we had fun going places and hanging out. She's in Bremen now and I hope we can see each other again soon. On a side note, I'm going out to Firu's town today. Even though it's only been a week, I can't wait to see him again. Have a lovely Friday and weekend, all! Cheerio!

P.S: The title of this post is actually inspired by my own tumblr page. Do check it out when you have the time!

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