Wednesday, 3 October 2012

New Look: An Outfit for Every Occasion

Oh wow! It's October already! I can hardly believe it. The best part of autumn comes in October - or so I believe. In the olden days, October meant harvest moon and people in Germany held what is called Erntefest (Harvest Festival). These days, though, they have Oktoberfest instead - which is rich with beers and sausages. October represents many things, such as the beginning of a new semester for grad school students (such as myself), my birthday, and - best of all - Halloween! Do you know what you're dressing up as for Halloween? 

Anyway, this October I get to be excited about yet one more thing: New Look Denim Competition! I was informed of it a few days ago by New Look through mail and was busy looking through their catalogue for an outfit ever since. This time the price is £200 and a pair of New Look jeans. Awesome, right? What more is that 9 lucky runner-ups can 'go home' with their pairs of New Look jeans. Tempting, am I right? If you want to join, just hope on over to the link above and read the official rules because Sparkle Fashion Blog teamed up with New Look to bring you this competition. Basically, you have to create an outfit for ANY occasion with one of their denims and give the pair the spotlight it deserves. But I went over the miles and created this instead. Without further ado, here's my entry:

Occasion #1: Campus Life

First of all, meet the star of my entry: this Lee Lipstick Red Jade Skinny Jeans. For months, I've been looking for a pair of bold red jeans but have yet to get my hands on one. When I saw this pair, I simply fell in love. It's from Lee, no less. Autumn is in the air and we might have to dress a little bulkier and layered and less cheerful and colourful. Oh, but, sir, I do refuse to bow down to that general rule. So here I am with these bold red denims. I'd walk into my campus as a debut to my university life in this ensemble. It's not too dressed-up for class but oh-so-effortless.

Occasion #2: Running Errands

As it is such an effortless outfit to build up, people won't suddenly think you're out of place when you run around grocery shopping and posting mails around town. The boots help. Imagine you wearing high heels instead, how are you going to check off the things in your to-do list that require walking around a lot? Actually, I have been obsessed with Chelsea Boots lately and have been wearing them everywhere. They're excessively comfortable and work with everything. Oh yeah, what's more is that this pair can attract attention from people enough that they'd admire your style yet not so much that they'd think you're in the wrong location.

Occasion #3: Meet-Ups

Okay, the first two occasions might need less fashion and more function but who says this outfit won't work either way? Say you want to hang out with your friends after class or on the weekend whilst, say, go shopping or meeting up in cafés. This outfit is another way to go. Or for a 2nd or 3rd date? Done! It's so handy too for those chilly nights - or days, really, it's autumn after all. Say you want to go to the movies with your boyfriend/husband. This is also such the perfect outfit. The chunky cardigan keeps you warm and so snuggly. And, again, the boots keep all options open.

I realise I have yet to share about some other pieces of this outfit. I know I'm supposed to give the jeans the spotlight but I can't help but to share the love. Since forever, I've loved t-shirts and they were in several years ago. They don't seem to shine as bright anymore. I still love them, though. Especially printed ones like these. Oh, I instantly fell in love with this bag the moment I laid my eyes on it. The butterfly clasp and the corn colour are perfect! So there you go. Technically, you don't have to share with me if you're making an entry as well but, if you do, I'll totally check it out. Have fun entering, all! Cheerio!


  1. absolutely adorable and so original entry!
    amazing job :)


  2. Love your entry such a unique idea to make the character and put her in different settings!. Just seen you've won too - how exciting :D Congrats!

    1. Haha the character is actually me...a more flawless version of me (since that's how anime characters are)
      Anyway, thanks for informing me, lest I wouldn't've known. You're welcome to see the rest of my blog too ˆ ˆ


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