Friday, 26 October 2012

Before 21 Comes Daunting

Earlier this month, I showed you several of my achievements this past year. I've fulfilled 14 out of 19 goals I set out for myself before I hit the 20s. There's something simultaneously terrifying and exciting about having the huge number 2 in front of your age. They say (who's 'they'?) that the 20s is when you get to do all the things you want in life. Experiment. It's the chance to make memories and paint the town red, so to speak. So experiment I will. Since I promised, here's my 20 before 21 list. It looks pretty ambitious and frightening. Eep! But I hope I can make most of them come true. In case you can't read it thanks to my scratchy handwriting, I'll type it over for you:
  1. Learn one more language
  2. Buy an actual DSLR
  3. Go abroad (a country other than Germany)
  4. Spend less (especially on clothes)
  5. Come up with at least two original recipes
  6. Become more socially active
  7. Come up with an artistic project
  8. Get a job (part-time or not)
  9. Decorate my room
  10. Get to know other bloggers/illustrator
  11. Join more artistic competitions
  12. Create a film and post it on the blog
  13. Throw a party on Friday the 13th
  14. Watch more Sundance Films
  15. Attend at least one film festival
  16. Gain at least one German friend
  17. Buy a picnic basket and go on a picnic with Firu
  18. Stargaze in the summer
  19. Go to the beach
  20. Have a fancy dinner date at least once
Maybe you can tell that I wrote this in my idea book as well. Can you feel the ambition? It's pumping, all right. I'm very giddy about what's going to happen and how I'm going to make them all come true. Do you have a something before something list yourself? If not, why don't you try making one? Creating goals and pursuing them...isn't that what life is all about? Cheerio!

P.S: In case you're wondering, yes, that lantern was Firu's birthday present for me. Well, one of two. The candles are from the birthday cake he surprised me with. He kept the one I gave him last year, I'm keeping these.

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