Monday, 22 October 2012

Everybody Hail to the Pumpkin Song

My sister and I as puppet and The Devil at my Sweet Seventeen Halloween Birthday Bash

It's that time of year again. Next week will be Halloween already. So have you prepared yourselves? Has anyone got any plans for Halloween? There will be a party on Monday at our campus but I'm not sure whether I'm going yet. I also don't know who I'm going as this year. Back home, people don't normally celebrate Halloween. There are even those who believe that celebrating it would be like worshiping the devil (WHAT?). I, for one, long for trick or treats every Halloween night of my life and dread seeing the horror commercials on TV. Last year, even though I didn't go anywhere -- except back home from seeing Firu, I decided I'd become Little Red Riding Hood -- which was easy enough since I just put on my red coat and went places. It kind of worked because at the end of the semester, a classmate called me the Little Red Riding Hood of the class. Score! For those of you who haven't got a clue what to dress up as for Halloween, here are some inspirations I've pried off the Internet.

The whole point of celebrating Halloween, I guess, is to be able to create fun memories with your loved ones, including your family. This Goldilocks + the 3 Bears costume set is such a genial idea! It might also be the perfect opportunity to role play with your family. 

Out of all the Halloween costumes on- and offline, Mandi's Mary Poppins costume has got to be my personal favourite! First of all, I loooove Mary Poppins and Julie Andrews so this hits the spot just right. Aside from that, I love what his brother said about her being Mary Poppins. This is so unique and creative, also affordable. 

Aside from costumes, Halloween is also all about the treats. Why don't you try conjuring up these 3 Ways of Halloween Milkshakes? They look so gore but also very tasty. Out of the three, this one is my favourite. It's very adorable and I bet it's also very yummy!

Missing someone far away and wish to wish them a Happy Halloween? Try sending them a card! These adorable and quirky selections from Wit & Whistle are a great choice. My personal favourite is the 'Trick or Treat' one. Although...I don't know whether sending someone a Halloween card is...something people do.

Who says your costume has to be mega-expensive? Try putting on outfits from things you already own in your wardrobe and see what kind of costumes come up. Like Elizabeth of Delightfully Tacky did. Well, to be fair, this isn't her Halloween costume but she could've pulled it off incredibly. Or...remember my first ever cosplay? Yeah, we both pulled out things from our closet and put together a costume-like outfit. Free and creative!

Although, if you're looking for quirky, try going to Fred Flare won't be a total waste of time. They even have a whole page for Halloween-themed stuff. From clothes to just normal household stuff. These two are my absolute favourites. When else do you have the excuse to wear a turkey-shaped hat? And I've been lusting after a sailor dress since forever so...yeah, no wonder I'm crushing on these two.

As for Halloween decorations, Molly has a great idea this year. How about Bloody Mini Pumpkins? Might be an outrageous centrepiece. The steps are also super easy and you don't need too many materials.


How's that for Halloween inspirations? It wouldn't be Halloween without pumpkins. Anyone wearing costumes at all on Halloween? I'd like to see some pictures on what you're going as. I mean, you don't really have to attend any parties or do anything at all. At the very least, dress up. It'll be fun. Happy early Halloween, all! Cheerio!


  1. Isn't halloween fun? I love your and qwita's halloween-themed outfits :D

    1. It should be...if wherever I live actually celebrates it. Thanks for reading btw :D


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