Thursday, 25 October 2012

Barbershop Solo

H&M Dress + Tights // Primark coat // Thrifted vest // All Star by Converse shoes // Rilakkuma bag (gift)

There seems to be something exquisitely magical about autumn, don't you think? Watching the gradient of colours from the trees, gaping in awe at the orange vine-covered houses and the golden gleam from the sun which catches the leaves. There isn't a sunny day in autumn I spend without sighing at least once. This season urges me to dress up in reds, oranges and yellows, without even realising that I'd blend into nature. Although the weather has been quite flip floppy these days, I feel blessed to have a warm enough day not to wear coats. It was also warm enough for senior couples to walk on dates -- which is adorable! I can never get enough of these beautiful views. If only winter never comes.

The colour white, red and blue always seems to remind me of barbershops (I actually did have a tee with three stripes in these colours and a barbershop logo on it). This dress doesn't escape such fate. Maybe I should just wear this to Halloween and say that I'm a barbershop light. Also, I'm very happy to finally style this vest with a dress. Psst! A little secret: this dress was bought in Venlo. Enjoy the sun and happy Thursday! Cheerio!

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