Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Black, Red, Plaid and Good Manners All Over

Top// Cotton Club; Cardigan// C&A kids; Skirt// H&M; Backpack// Mom's; Necktie// Flapper Girl

Headphone// Philips; Tights// thrifted; Boots// Deichmann 

The other day I went out in this outfit. That was the same day I discovered Wild Wood. That day two men honked at me thanks to this outfit - either that or my easy-going attitude. That day I only went out for about three hours and already I felt like obtaining a lot of adventures. I saw a chocolatier made chocolates, somewhat made friends with a local illustrator graduate, got honked by two foreign men, saw an islamic demonstration rising and, last but not least, was offered to be taken pictures of by a kind old man. This happened when I was taking these outfit photos and he saw that I was struggling with my lack of tripod and looked like an idiot setting up the camera and running off to be the model. He offered to take my picture and I kindly accepted. This is so typical Indonesian. They think by accepting an offer that was actually made for their own good, they're doing a favour. In this case, that man thought he was helping me whereas I thought I was being kind by letting him. Stupid and topsy turvy, really. But that's just it about cultures, it's never exactly the same anywhere. By the way, I am LOVING my new headphone - which I get a matching set with Firu's. It is super comfy and customisable! I know you've seen this jacket and booties a lot lately. That's because I tend to wear my new stuff forever until I get newer stuff. And...because I just broke my vow to stop shopping this autumn (and possibly winter), I need you to hold me to it. I vow to not shop (fashion-wise) this autumn and wear what I own more. Have a good-mannered midweek, all! Cheerio!

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