Friday, 4 May 2012

Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah! Zip-A-Dee-Day!

Oh, spring. What with the sunshine, the greeneries and the lovely colours running about. I don't want to be disloyal to autumn but I do love spring with its agreeable weather. I do apologize to you, my dear sweet autumn. Like I have mentioned in my previous outfit post, I have noticed people walking hither and there with floral prints upon their bodies, either as blouses, dresses or skirts. It is somewhat refreshing. Don't girls just look more beautiful in spring? I sure think so. It sure refreshed my mind after such a crazy week. You see, today is the deadline to send out my portfolio to the University of Arts Bremen. It has crazed me this past week. But yesterday I sent out my portfolio -- not even sure that I sent it right but right now it doesn't matter. Afterwards, I went straight to the park and took these pictures. It was really...relieving.

 I'm not sure if it's obvious but my road trip to Bremen would have to wait. I'm not going anywhere out of town this weekend. Yesterday I went around the town a little bit because I was just in that good a mood and found some really great sites. I found a wonderful pair of shoes in a thrift store -- that was closed. But there'll be a flea market early tomorrow morning. I'm planning to go there with my partner in crime, Atika. On a different note, I cut English class last Wednesday and missed the information that we won't have class on the 17th until the 20th this month. There is actually a sport festival going on in Karlsruhe on the 19th and the 20th but I don't think I'm going since most of my closest friends won't be there. Instead, I made plans to go to Kassel to visit my friends, Ervina and Rezy, probably with Ervina's boyfriend, Aqbas. Oh, I can't wait! I hope this one won't blow up. Oh, and don't forget the trip to Weimar next week! That also gets my skin tingling. But I must face the midterm first next Thursday.

Funny, how I remembered this floral maxi skirt in the winter and kept wearing it then, when it was the least recommended or suitable for people to wear. Then I saw a woman wearing a floral maxi skirt a few days ago and it occurred to me, Hey, I have that floral maxi skirt. Why don't I just wear that? Another peculiar thing: I combine many elements of my closet with other elements that I usually don't combine it with that I forgot to post an outfit of the obvious combination. This outfit being exhibit A. This is how I used to wear this skirt all the time. It made Firu's jaw drop and that's why I love it so much. Many friends of mine have complimented the outfit, particularly the skirt, when I was wearing it. I actually wished to wear this outfit with a pair of sandals, which I don't have. But the ballerina shoes compliment the outfit nicely. Tracce is the best shoe brand I know. They make the most comfortable shoes. I once bought platform wedges that I wore to school and could run in without hurting my feet. The soles were made of rubber of some sort. They broke thanks to my manly recklessness.

You have probably seen this necklace twice before -- in this post and this post. To this day, I have no idea what this necklace is trying to portray. It was quite obvious to me what it looks like. But apparently  different people see it quite differently. A friend of mine, Elena, said it looks like a leaf whereas my other friend, Mimi, said it looks like a chameleon. What do you guys think? I personally see fish whenever I see this necklace. Don't ask me why but that's how it is. On this post, my hair is yet another highlight to my look. I love it when my hair is braided into two. Sure, I look like a bohemian/hippie daughter of a highly environmental-friendly family but I don't mind. It makes me look innocent and childlike -- something that is only half true, if you know me at all. This week's movie date post is coming up, so stay tuned! Cheerio!

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