Tuesday, 8 May 2012

High School Sweethearts

All she's ever wanted is someone to love her. Someone to stroke her hair from behind her and hug her tight. Someone to come to her door through the rain when she least expects it. Someone to kiss her lips when she's talking. Someone to be in comfortable silences with. She doesn't want someone to be paraded around and shown off to her friends and family. She doesn't want someone to cuddle with her all night. Not just anyone, at least. He has to be The One. Someone that will never leave and never cheat. All her life, she has been looking for him. For The One. She has seen many boys and thought, "Hey, maybe that's him." Every. Single. Time. But they were all just boys, after all.

One day there was a boy who came up to her and said, "Hey, you read that magazine too?" She was sure he would be just another boy. As uninterested in her as she was in him. Slowly but surely, they spent more time together and got to know each other better. She found out that he was a man. Not just a man, a family man. A man who would move heaven and earth to make his family happy. A man who puts his family before others. And above all, a man who loves her.

So I went around town yesterday, in search for a new location for photoshoots. Then I stumbled upon this area. I'm pretty sure that it's restricted but it belonged to the university anyway so I figured, "Meh, I'm a student there, I'm allowed to be here." It also looked pretty much abandoned anyway -- granted it was the entrance for the fire engines, which probably means this place rarely catches on fire. The fact that it is extra secluded really excited me. I'd probably go there again for a photoshoot next time.

Remember the cardigan I modified three months ago? No? Well, you can check it out in this post. I can't believe I have re-worn everything in my closet and I haven't worn this in three months. Originally, I bought this cardigan from Oxfam -- long story short, it's a Goodwill chain. My first and only purchase there, it turns out. I want to be able to buy more. But there's no branch of them in Halle. Too bad, really. Truth be told, I didn't know how the top looked like when I purchased it. I saw it at the flea  market, it had those heart prints all over it and I had to ask, "Is this love?" So I purchased it. But then I went home and opened it up and voilá! Apparently it has a hood! Love got deeper. I know it's stupid to wear shorts and tights at the same time but today was kind of chilly. But I do love the way the tights work well with the rest of the outfit elements. For that reason as well I added my trusty navy jacket to fight the chills. Oh! And remember my denim boots? Still pretty much swooned.

I see you've noticed my nails. Yes, I painted them. I know they're messy but I'm not a pro at this, all right? Please do cut me some slack. According to the bottle, it's supposed to be mustard coloured but somehow it looks totally different against my skin. My stepmom used to say that my skin go well with mustard. I love it, though. I guess she's right. If you're wondering, the polish is from p2's colour victim collection. Once upon a time, I got gift certificates from dm to get this baby for free. So I went there before they ran out and grabbed it. So here it is. Have a lovely Tuesday, everybody! Tomorrow's a day off from school but, afterwards, it's the first day of the midterm exams. Well, cheerio!

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