Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Another Heart Calls

She remembers their first kiss. It was a rainy evening. They were waiting for the rain to stop. She was at his place, in his room. She can't recall what they were doing that day but she remembers everything else. He once said that if she closed her eyes, he would kiss her. She had been trying to do that all night and he hadn't realised what she was doing, instead, thought that she tried to spend the night. When it finally dawned on him what she was trying to do, he smacked his lips against hers, making their teeth crack and their hearts race. She could barely hear the rain falling on his rooftops. And, for what seemed like forever, the world was theirs.

A constant traveler. That's what I am. Since I was in Karlsruhe, I've liked exploring the town by myself. I had more friends then than I do now but, nonetheless, I still loved going around town alone. It gave me the freedom to get as lost as possible and discover new things -- which most people probably won't appreciate but I certainly do. Sad to say, when I was still living in my hometown, Jakarta, I've never done the same. Jakarta is a huge city -- Karlsruhe and Halle are certainly nothing compared to it -- and you need a vehicle of your own to explore it -- since the public transports are as reliable as the stock market and going on foot would be a poor choice since it's a dangerous city and, like I said, HUGE. But even when I was little, I started small, like the parking lot of my school -- which was really large -- or my neighbourhood. Since my mother died, I've started asking my Dad to go to parks I've seen in magazines but never had the chance to visit. Then my driver took me to places he knew was good for me -- like a park he used to play in as a child or food carts where he knew the food was good. When I started seeing Firu, we started going to places I've almost never seen before. It helped that he lived in a region of the city that I'd never been before.

Oh, look! What do you know, my nails are still yellow! It's weird how this yellowness has stayed on my nails for days now and I still feel surprised when I see them. Funny, funny thing is the human mind. People have been telling me all day how beautiful and frilly my skirt is. Thank you for noticing, people. I purchased this at the flea market last Saturday. The lady who sold this -- along with the hearty top -- smiled at me nicely when I approached her stand and told me it was my size. She was off by one but it was more or less true. You remember this printed tee. Matching it up with the frilly skirt with prints at the hem gives it a bridge, given that the skirt has no prints on the top part of it, neutralises the prints on the tee and the skirt. I don't have many shoes so I wear one type of each shoes. These strapped ones give an outfit a more feminine touch. It's the only pair that does so with a little more level.

Have you noticed this beautiful necklace I'm wearing? It just arrived yesterday from China. It is my first purchase from Etsy, by the way. I've actually been waiting for this necklace since January but I gave the wrong address the first time I ordered it. Yeah, stupidity is my middle name. Don't you just love it? The redness of the heart and the way the wings are formed are very, very elegant. The people at Gelugu Accessories also sent me this bonus ring for the purchase. Thank you so much. I love the inscriptions, especially the one inside. It seems rather ambiguous -- somewhere between sarcastic and genuine.

Since I am a constant traveler, I go to places I've never been in, taking turns I'm not sure I knew before. When I go around town and feel like finding someplace new, I just go to the alleyways and take the most unlikely turns. It helps that Halle isn't that dangerous a place and I do it always when the day is young. Yesterday, like any other day with enough free time, I do it as well. And I found this manga/anime store. Probably the first one I found in Halle. I went inside because the sign says I could buy copic marker there and so I special ordered some. It should be there tomorrow. How quick! The lady who worked there was really kind and friendly. I would love to go there again sometime. Tomorrow's midterm, dammit. Wish me luck, you guys! Cheerio!

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