Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Best Pals Ever

You know, sometimes I look at this blog and I feel unsatisfied. I try changing the layouts, the designs, but something just seems to be missing. Something. Once upon a fortnight, it hit me: this blog is missing these guys. If you've read my blog posts attentively, you would've noticed that I've mentioned these guys many times before but let me give you an official introduction. Now, then from left to right: Gina Fitria Adita, Aulia Adila and Cindy Novita. You may ask, "Who are these people?" Well, my dear readers, these are my best friends. And, since they've been of great joy and support to me, I'd like to dedicate a post to them and here it is.

If there is such a thing as destiny, which I do believe, I think it's what's brought us together. Like any relationships, there was also a first meeting for all of us. There was a school called Labschool Kebayoran Junior and Senior High School. There was where I went to middle school. Funny enough, I didn't plan to go there and was discouraged that I could get in at all, since it was a popular private school. But I did and I met these guys fully by destiny. Gina and Uli were both classmates of mine when I was in the 7th grade. It got better when they both joined the Japanese Extracurricular Club and that's where we met Sindi. I guess since then on we've become the best of friends. Truthfully, the term 'best friends' has been overused these days that it makes me feel reluctant to use it. You need to know that we're not like other friends who claim to be best friends out there. We probably don't talk all the time or kiss kiss hug hug...okay, that's just not our style. But we rely on each other and can be reliable for one another. Aside from that, we have our own world that no one else can understand. You know, with all its inside jokes and private terms. And I think those are the important things.

Let's see. If we first became friends in 2004, it means it's been almost 8 years. We've been friends for almost 8 years! Wow! Can you believe it? This is the longest relationship I've had without waver with someone -- or some...more -- other than my family. Funny how being in a friendship with someone for so long doesn't give you that much pressure but being in a romantic relationship? Well, why should it be any different? This friendship rocks. We've had our ups and downs, of course, just like any other functional relationships. But we still stay friends somehow and that's what matters. 

Before I left for Germany, they gave me this sketchbook that they made themselves. It has become one of my most prized possessions. The cover is covered with their Thank You sentences -- each so unique,  hilarious and typical them -- that I like to read when I'm down. There are four Thank Yous here because one of them was from another one of us, Mimin -- Siti Almira Nurina Siregar. (She lives in Malaysia and has been so since high school.) The first page was decorated with my most embarrassing and hysterical faces. And no, I'm not going to show you. Then they each took a few pages, filled them with their drawings and words they wanted me to keep and a picture and signature of them. They told me not to miss them -- which is impossible, to be myself out here -- which I try to do -- and other inside jokes. The rest of the book was blank, free for me to use. My most favourite sketchbook of all time.

Purikura from New Year's 2010
From this point on, it'll get a little gooey so, guys, if you're reading this, you may want to brace yourself. Or just don't read coz I'm just going to get embarrassed later and we don't need to go through that. Here's what I know: we don't keep in touch everyday. We don't spare a few minutes or hours per day to contact one another. And that's okay, amazing even. We know we're friends, we've got no one to prove it to. These people are some of the sweetest people that I know and I am glad to have met them. They're not sweet in a gooey kind of way but in a way that you know it's genuine and not at all fake. They've been with me through thick and thin. We all go our separate ways, decide our own futures. It doesn't matter. Distance doesn't mean farewell. Distance can't keep us apart. Even though they're in Indonesia and I'm in Germany or they go somewhere else and I don't know, well...love or friendship is no distance, correct? Oh! I have an entrance exam to pass in 5 hours! Wish me luck, all! Enjoy your day, amigos! Adios, muchacha!

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