Sunday, 6 May 2012

Mad Hatter's Tea Party

 After weeks of stress, it's nice just to kick back and not haste into anything. Of course, I will ease into my next batch of portfolio too but it will be stress-free. Such a shame it has been quite a cold weekend. According to the weather forecast, it will still be so until Monday. There was a flea market yesterday and, as promised, I went there although without Atika. It was a small and very, very quiet flea market. Apparently not many people knew about it. I'm glad I went there, though, and spent 11€ for a skirt, a top, a bed sheet and a vintage suitcase. The ladies who sold them were very lovely and kind. The suitcase is my proudest purchase. It is rather huge and was such a bother to be dragged in trams and buses. But once you open it, it smells like Mrs. Witte's studio with its acrylics. Mrs. Witte was my art course teacher I had last summer. She was a lovely lady and I love the scent of her studio. Thank God for this suitcase then.

Lately I've been really loving the blogging world. Finding new bloggers from all over the world, especially those around my age, is highly satisfactory. Although, of course, I should decrease this habit as best I could because there are already a lot of things I need to worry about in life and reading blogs shouldn't add up to it. It's kind of nice to find blogs from Germany to learn more about the language and see where they live and all. Although I would love to see more personal style blogger from my homeland, Indonesia. So far, I've found only one that I like -- thanks to Zahra. If any of you know another great one, please recommend it my way and I'd be sure to check it out. Oh, french bloggers are also neat. Of course, there has to be English in it too for me to read and understand it -- German, Indonesian or Japanese also acceptable.

It seems that blue is my colour this spring, literally speaking. This isn't something I planned but it just somehow how it happens. Remember when I told you I have nothing remotely floral in my closet? Feeling in need of floral outfits, I went to the thrift store in search of a dress. Then...I found this one. I wasn't sure what my size was but thank God it fits me perfectly. Does it look vintage to you? It looks to me like the kind of dress housewives in the 1950s wear to garden parties. I should've rolled my hair to match the atmosphere. Matching it with blue gingham suits me perfectly. Gingham is one of my favourite patterns, by the way. Now the bandana was purchased from my favourite drugstore, dm. Pretty, don't you think? It also has a little bit of floral details as well which suits the dress ever so nicely. It makes me look a little bit like a gypsy. Because it's pink, I decided to match it up with the cherry-red wedges from Deichmann.

I know, I've been snapping more photos out in the wild these days. But I must tell you, I still do not own a tripod. It's still quite tricky to find the spot where I can both put my camera down to snap the pictures and pose in front of it with an acceptable -- if not breathtaking -- background. So anyway, I took these pictures this time on a tree trunk. When I was about done, I found this sweet little buddy on the trunk. How adorable and fashionable, don't you think? Mustard and polka dots? This bug knows how to work it! The prettiest part of it is its legs, I think, which are just over-the-top adorable. I think I bugged it -- get it? -- because I kept shoving my lens on it. Lovely, lovely buddy. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! Cheerio!


  1. Absolutely brilliant blog!!! Glad I found it! You're pretty amazing! Looking forward to seeing more from you! Have a great weekend!

    1. Thank you so much. You have a great weekend too! :)


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