Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Baby Blue Quadrate Party

First of all, happy Labor Day, everyone! I think it's lovely how people take one day off to remember the laborers nationally. Although, of course, in Indonesia it's not a holiday. This gets somewhat complicated since the huge western corporates build up factories in Indonesia and make our people work there and not earning as much as they should. I don't know if this still goes on in Indonesia. However, it still goes on in most third world countries. On Saturday, it was Environmental Day here in Halle and there were stands, some of which were from Greenpeace and Fairtrade. I love Fairtrade since it supports their laborers to earn as much money as they deserve. Of course, it results in higher prices of their products. But that's how things are supposed to cost when justice comes along. Sad to say, not everyone can afford it all the time.

As I have mentioned before: on Saturday, we had a BBQ party, we the Indonesians of Halle. Being a social chicken that I am, I almost didn't go but it was nice to know that some people wanted me to come and, boy, did I not regret going there. It was a ton of fun wrapped up into one hot and amazing day. I met some new people and saw some of the old ones I've met before. There were some games that managed to get us closer with one another and it was a lot of fun. Aside from the fact that it was extremely hot, everything else was rather refreshing. Being used to being on my own all the time, I guess socializing is somewhat a good intake of air.

These are my most favourite photos from this post. I love how the light splays across the equator of the photos. The first one looks almost like a book or movie cover.
I find this outfit somewhat refreshing and more summery than the previous one. The white shirt I'm wearing is a hoodie shirt, a shirt with a hood. I don't really remember where I bought it but I find it very unique. Like I said, I was totally going gaga over hoodies and this is yet another part of my hoodie collection which I still adore. My best friend, Uli, once told me that this shirt reminded her of Roxas. Well, I am very flattered. I have had these shorts for months now, which I obtained from C&A. I haven't worn it for months as well, since the most essential button of the pants was destroyed in the washing machine. Before the party, I sewed on another button to it -- as you can see on the picture above. I love how buttony these shorts are. And the baby blue is very cheerful and innocent. I added tights at the actual party but it was extra hot so I took it off.

Here are some pictures from the party. It was really fun. We played games, sang songs, and eat stuff. Because I managed to chicken out for several hours, I arrived very, very late and missed the earlier part of the party but the rest that I participated in was also amazing. I've made some new friends, one of them being Rama. He is also in G-Kurs in Studienkolleg Halle -- we're both in the language department of the college -- but he's in the first semester, whereas I'm in the second semester. Apparently, he's also a friend of Wilson's -- he's a friend of mine from this adventure. All in all, it was a successful event and bonding time. Thank you, PPI Halle for the invitation. May we do this again some other time. Have a rejuvenating Labor Day, all! Cheerio!

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