Sunday, 20 May 2012


This year I haven't felt much of spring. Mostly, it's because the weather keeps changing its mind between winter and summer and none of spring whatsoever. Sure, the flowers bloom, the world's colourful again. But the wind blows a typhoon and the sun is frying the ground. The unstable weather gives me the blues all through the season. But when it's sunny, I'd like to think it's such a shame to stay at home, which doesn't help since I need to finish a lot of things indoor. Summer is almost here, apparently. May is almost up. It gives me the jitters. I want it to be over as soon as possible so that I don't need to worry about portfolios anymore, so that I can start on new things. Oh, summer, I can't wait. The smell of freedom is faint but still traceable. I want summer. I want to fly kites, to blow on mini windmills and to swim somewhere. It would probably be a different summer from the one I experienced last year. But I hope it will be a lot more fun. A whole lot more. What's most amazing about summer is the fact that most of my loved ones were born in this season, including my sister, my brother, my stepmother and Firu.

What's new in life? Let's see. I went to Kassel just this weekend to visit my friend, Rezy. And that also means traveling! And I can't say no to traveling. I will tell you all about it in another post. On Wednesday I have to go to Bremen, through Hanover, and honestly, I'm somewhat excited. Finally, Hanover again. I would love to visit my favourite ice cream parlour there and probably check out Primark as well. Zahra has been talking about it since forever and I wonder what's so good about it. The finals are in around 2 weeks and I'm somewhere between impatient and scared. I so want to pass so quickly and get everything over with. June is in two weeks. My heart is thumping. Bismillah.

When I put on this outfit and saw how it made perfect sense in the mirror, I couldn't believe I hadn't thought of it before. I mean, what else makes perfect sense with peter pan collars aside from lace dresses? It creates a perfect black and white/creme subdue that makes it look more vintage, directly proportional to black and white films. What I love most is the fact that, aside from the shoes and the hooded jacket, everything else I got on sale. This whole trend of putting on dresses under tops or bottoms is really inspiring. It gives me a whole new idea of how to wear my clothes. The jacket and shoes contradict the feminine look the blouse and dress give. Exactly how I would portray myself. I would like to say that the jacket is a boyfriend hoodie It belongs to me when I bought it off the guys' section of Tendencies -- how I used to shop in the past. I've mentioned that I was a hoodie freak back in the days. This jacket is one of the artifacts from those days. It fit me better back then since I was fat then I forgot I had it for some time and put it on again after months. Suddenly, it was a few sizes too big and felt like it belongs to my boyfriend or something. I'd just like to think it belongs to a guardian of mine, the past me. It's a sunny Sunday out here, folks. Hope you enjoy it! Cheerio!

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