Thursday, 31 May 2012

Illustrator Crush: Valerie Chua

Recently, I have been checking out tumblr more and more. It is seriously a good place to look for inspiration and to archive all my beautiful findings. Really handy. Once upon a day, I stumbled upon a post from someone regarding these lovely illustrations from Valerie Chua. She also has tumblr and I started following hers for only a few days now. Even so, I have fallen deeply in love with her style.

A little about the illustrator: Valerie Chua lives in Manila, Philipines. She mostly works with traditional media, such as watercolour, gouache and acrylic paint. She first started painting in college and haven't stopped since. On the update, she will be attending Bloggers United 3 in Manila so if you live there or nearby, be sure to check out her artworks. She will be selling the items shown off above. For international fans, don't worry, there's a chance she will sell these items online after the event so be sure to keep yourself posted through her tumblr page or her blog. If you'd like her to draw something by request, you can commission her to do so too. If you need to see more her artworks, don't hesitate to stop by her deviantART gallery and see lots more of her wonderful masterpieces.
Personal opinion: Her artworks are charming beyond belief. They are so natural and close to nature -- you will find many floras and faunas in her pieces -- which is very fresh. They are simple but significant. The traces of the watercolour strokes look very much dreamlike and I feel like diving into her paintings as soon as I see them. I'm sorry, but I had my fair share of cocky "artists" and at first I thought she was one of them. But she wasn't. She was friendly when I asked her about the MOMOKO products of hers and her friend's. Well, anyway, that's about all I can say about her for the time being. Hope you all will check her out. Have a nice Thursday! Cheerio!

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