Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Of Funerals and Cemeteries

 Culture keeps the world colourful, if you ask me. The parts with all the party and the rituals, with the laughter and the celebrations, and the parts with all the funerals and the farewells, with the tears and the sobs. Funerals I find to be culturally interesting because each cultures has their own ways of saying goodbye to those who move on to the next life -- or for some, who depart from the living. The Hindu and the Buddhists both start the whole cremation culture of the modern world. They believe, by burning the body, it will be purified -- or so I've heard. The Native Americans, on the other hand, bury the body because they believe, that we came from mother earth and to mother earth we must return. I like this idea, pure and simple. Aside from them, the Chinese, Jews, Christians and Muslims all believe in burying the corpse of humans. The Chinese bury the bodies with their most beloved objects, such as jewelry, gold and household goods. The Jews need to be cleaned off tattoos and the likes to be buried in a jewish family burial mound. Christians bury the body with caskets and with perfectly nice clothing, preferably something formal. The Muslims always believe that, before God, we are humble. We clean the body through and through, like cleaning gears, every corner MUST be cleaned. Then we will wrap it with a white fabric -- we call it the Kafan fabric -- and plugged all its holes. Then we bury the body without caskets, just like that. We believe that people will be either punished or rewarded in a world between life and heaven or hell so accessories aren't necessary.

Yesterday I went to the City Cemetery. I've actually gone pass it several times before but I've never gone in. It was the cemetery and I don't know anyone who was buried there. Never once in my life had I gone to a cemetery just for the heck of it. Then, yesterday, I broke that record. I've seen cemeteries in movies many times before and always thought them rather charming. There was something peaceful and inspiring, just sitting in the middle of the cemetery. Unlike back home, the graveyards here are ordered rather neatly and decorated accordingly. I guess it's also thanks to the fact that, these days, people just get cremated or ask to be buried somewhere wild or be thrown to sea. I think it's sad. Less and less people get buried. To me, though, cemetery is one of many beautiful cultural sites. It's one of the biggest distributors to cultures. The other day in Weimar, I saw the graveyard of an apparently famous artist named Lucas Cranach. It was magnificent. It was huge and leaves were sprouting from it. He was buried along with many painters that followed, apparently, because he was such a great german icon for painters back in the days. 

Have I mentioned before how much I adore graphic tees? Threadless is my very favourite graphic tee producer EVER! You should go check them out and now of all times, there's a whole sale going on until May 18th. You don't want to miss that. This tee right here is my very first purchase from them called "If On A Winter's Night  Young Lovers." What so mind blowing about this tee is the way that it looks like a painting but on a tee. The way the night sky twinkles as much as the trees swift is beyond amazing. It's my own version of the blasting cosmic trend these days. Earlier this day, it was kind of cold so I put on a coat. This coat got me the nickname Rotk√§pchen (Little Red Riding Hood) in class. It's also from C&A, if you're wondering. I don't know, I guess I'm just a freak of that place. Sure, it's not all that stylish, compared to many other retail stores but it supports Bio-cotton, which I love, and has very reasonable price for such a product. In this country, that's my favourite brand. I love how the red of the coat brings a less boring colour palette into the outfit. Oh, and has anyone noticed that two out of these five pictures have been thoroughly edited, in which I B/W-ed the background? They were inspired from Rebecca's blog but I've edited these myself without the tutorial she gave out, in case you're wondering. Have a lovely Tuesday, all! I had the day off today. Cheerio!

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