Thursday, 24 May 2012

Where the Wild Things Are

Enlightenment can come in many different ways. Some people say through meditating, praying or seeking for it through nature. For me, the best way to find it is to spend some time with some old friends, which is what I did last weekend. It made me forget what I love so much about posting outfit posts. I know I love taking pictures -- especially with an SLR camera. I know I love writing things along with the post. I love putting on the outfit and showing it off to the world. But I hate listing it. Listing where the outfit comes from, branding it. Who cares from which brand it comes from, right? Why does it matter so much which designers design it? Okay, yeah, they should be given credit for it. But they're not. Not so much. Only the brands are given credit for it. So who cares? Okay, sorry, I'm rambling here. But I just seriously think that brands don't matter. Not all widely-known brands have the quality it supposedly promises. Sometimes people need to worry less about the brands they're shopping and more about the comfort level of the clothing.

Before I start off with anything else, I'd just like to thank my friend, Rezy for these SLR-quality photos that he took on my weekend in Kassel. It was really enjoyable so thank you. Kassel was a city that is close to nature. Wherever I went when I was there, it was also so close to greeneries. It boosted my mood. Like I've mentioned in my previous post, I've climbed hills, looking for sights to see, walked at the park for a breath of fresh air and went on a picnic. Everything around me was green. There were dandelions everywhere. I couldn't help but to grab one and have my springtime moment: blowing on a dandelion bud. There were rivers and wells and mazes. Oh, mazes. My favourite kind of yard. Rezy suggested that I make a maze in my yard when I have my own house. Well, can't hurt to run it by Firu.

I read once in someone's blog -- I think it was Elsie's -- that when you travel, it would be wise to pack outfits that you can mix and match. Given that I only went away for four days, it was fairly simple for me. I decided this lacey black dress to be the base while I let the other pieces do the work. In my previous outfit post, I made the dress look like a skirt. Now I'm wearing it as a top, layering it with this vintage polka dotted skirt. Since the dress is sleeveless, I layered it with the batik bolero, giving it a nice pattern. There's a new item in this outfit and that is these sandals from Kaufland, my favourite supermarket. They were cheap but very comfortable. See what I mean about brands? I just hope they won't break that easily. Oh yeah, I went to Bremen and Hanover yesterday. I'll tell you all about it this weekend. Cheerio!

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