Sunday, 13 May 2012

Butterfly in My Stomach

Have you ever been kissed by a butterfly? There is a sort of myth in Indonesia that said, if you were kissed by a butterfly, your day would be filled with joy. That happened to me once a long time ago when I was little. I don't remember what age exactly but I remember I was going to enter a Dunkin' Donuts when this butterfly came to my nose and kissed me there. It didn't feel like much but it just feels like a magical memory, having an animal, which isn't yours, kiss you. Especially a butterfly. There is also another myth of butterfly known in Indonesia. It is said if a butterfly comes into your house and stays on the wall for several days, an unexpected guest will come by. This can be taken metaphorically or literally, I think. Butterflies are mythical creatures, aren't they? I believe they also belong to the same group as unicorns and griffins. But their population must have exploded that people were able to find them and prove their existence.

Yeah, so I went to Weimar this weekend. I will tell you all about it later. It was good to be out of the house, out of town, for a while. Being at home just reminds me of one thousand and one things that I needed to finish, like portfolio, History presentation, studying for midterm, et cetera et cetera. Sometimes I feel like letting go, just...forget about everything. May has been playing tricks with my head, leading me on to think that it was going to be warm then came back with strong winds. The bastard. I can't wait for June to arrive already, especially for the final exam to be done. I want to see Firu again, I want to travel with him some more, I want to be free. Aside from that, I can't wait for next week to come and I will be going to Kassel to visit my friend, Rezy. I don't know what Kassel has in store for me but I want to travel! Of course, the portfolio is still driving into my head at the back of my mind. But, please, I just want to forget for a while.

So I was going out to shop for groceries the other day and I found this pair of jeans on the paper trash can. Truth be told, I've spied it for a while now. It was on the ground right in front of the building near the buzzer last week. I thought, maybe someone dropped it and forgot they left it there so I left it be. Then I forgot all about it until that day. Nobody had taken it for a week. I decided to take it into custody, just to try it on. If it didn't fit, I would bring it back. But it fit and nobody has put up any notice of losing it. So I keep least until someone fess up to looking for it. In the meantime, I searched the brand of this pair and found out it came from India called Bare Denim. Aside from that, remember the heart-shaped necklace I bought off Etsy in my previous outfit post? This necklace is just the backside of that one. I know this might not be the side people would normally wear of it but I think it's pretty fashionable and functional. Don't you just adore the heart-patterned holes? Now, remember the layered dress I wore on this post? Yes, I am now wearing it as a top. Lovely, no?

The gate of the camp. The line reads: "Jedem Das Seine." I think it means: "Every Man For Himself."
Pictures of all the inmates in camp....or at least, those who died.
Two girls of our group dancing to the music of a street musician. When they were done, everyone applauded.
Mimi and I on a well in front of Goethe's house.
Oh, right! I went to Weimar again yesterday with 23 other students from the university, one of them being Mimi. So I woke up real early in the morning, like 06.15, and departed from home at 07.20. We arrived at the train station around 08.00-ish and departed from Halle at 08.22. I was really beat that morning and slept all the way to Weimar. First, we went with the bus to the Buchenwald Concentration Camp. When I read the schedule, I thought we were going to rent our own bus to go there. I mean, there were 24 of us, for Pete's sake. But we went with the public bus. Good, actually. We watched a film about it first, which opened up a whole other view of the camp. There were many things I saw at the concentration camp, although, sad to say, I wasn't quite satisfied. After one and a half hours, we went back to Weimar and had our lunch break. Mimi and I went to the nearest McDonald's. I bought something and Mimi took out her big container of salad and made her own sandwich. It was a big meal. Afterwards, we had a city tour with our own native tour guide. We went to see historical graveyards -- found out Goethe and Schiller were actually buried together like lovers, Goethe's summer house, Goethe's and Schiller's monument and Herder's church. Then we arrived at Goethe's house and went inside to look around. It was really huge and tricky! I also bought magnet souvenirs from there, which I think rather beautiful. Oh, I fell in love with Weimar all over again. I hope I can go there time and time again. I hope someone I know lives there so that I have a reason to visit. How was your weekend? Did you have fun? I hope so. Have a bilssful Sunday, all! Cheerio!

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