Wednesday, 16 May 2012

New Blog Design + An Artist's Request

Has anyone noticed? I made changes to the blog. I know, I JUST changed the header but I wasn't very satisfied with it. It was made by me, as was this one. I think this one says "me" more than the last one. I changed the layout too, if you've noticed. Now it looks more organized, don't you think? I love the colourful background. A blog full of colours, now that's what I'm talking about.

If you were a frequent reader of my blog, you've probably seen these buttons before. These, along with the buttons below the header, are all my handwritings. I take pride in creating them myself. Personally, I like the colour code and gradients. You know, I've been posting outfit posts so much that people sometimes forget/are ignorant/don't know that I'm actually a designer. Or at least a designer to be. I myself have never published any designs officially but I am working hard to do so.

I would appreciate it so much if you would ever be so kind to check out my deviantART gallery. The link to it can also be found on the button bellow the instagram button on the right of this post. It was one of my most favourite place to be. Aside from that, some of my works can also be spotted on my tumblr gallery. If you're interested to buy any of my works, please do contact me at Here are some samples that I'm thinking of selling. You may inform me of your interest and the price you are willing to pay for it, in whatever currency you see fit.

If these aren't to your liking, you can check out the links I've mentioned above and browse my works yourself. If you happen to spot one that you like, email me or leave a comment on the page of the work or this post, providing me with the link of the work that you are willing to purchase. I also accept commissions and will be giving you the rates, if you are interested. Thank you for your attention. Have a lovely midweek! Cheerio!

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