Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Healthy Kassel Long Weekend

Last Thursday was the Ascension. Here in Germany, it's a holiday. Since I was just about done with my midterm week, Friday was also off. The perfect chance to travel again! This time I decided to visit my friend, Rezy, who lives in Kassel, Hessen, a little bit south-west from Halle. I spent four days, three nights there and it was the most relaxing vacation I've had in this country but not boring at all. I went home at noon on Sunday so I only had three days to explore the town. I love the intricate details of it. So here we go!

Thursday: All The Way to Hercules

Apollo Temple
Wilhelmshöhe Castle
Teufelsbrücke (Devil's Bridge)
Onion-cream Chicken with a side Salad and Pasta
It was a perfect weather to travel that day. I went by carpool there and arrived at around 1.30 PM. The carpool driver looked like Ewan McGregor but he was from Kazakhstan. Anyway, Rezy picked me up at the main train station and we went to his home to put all my bags and catch up a little. Afterward, before I even had a proper lunch, we went to the Wilhemshöhe Park to climb our way up to the Hercules Building. The carpool driver said it was 2000-ish steps, more than the steps at the Köln Dom -- remember Köln Dom? That was one hell of a torment. This was not all that different but at least I didn't have to go down the same way I got up. We got to see the Wilhelmshöhe Castle -- although there weren't much to see. It was also Rezy's first time getting all the way up to Hercules. And, trust me, it was a worthy accomplishment. You would not believe how tiring it was to get all the way up there...only to find that, at the top, behind the Hercules building, there was a bus stop leading to a tram stop that we could've as easily taken to get there. Meh, but it was worth our while. Just so you know, we were beat when we arrived home.

Friday: Thai Buffet + Walk at The Park

Astronomy and Physics Exhibition and Planetarium of Kassel
A ducks' paradise
A peacock's private dwelling
Kassel's City Hall
Rezy had a tutorium this day and we left the house at around 12.30 PM. We originally wanted to go on a sushi picnic but thought otherwise, judging from the weather. It was a perfect decision, seeing how the weather changed ever so quickly throughout the day. It grew cold then went hot at the snap of a finger. So, instead, we went to his favourite Thailand restaurant, which offers a buffet from 12 to 2 PM. We barely made it and ate with such gusto. It was delish! Although, I must say, it's such a shame they only offered limited variety of cuisines. Afterwards, we went asian grocery shopping to make the sushi the next day. Then Rezy showed me around the Orangery and the City Park. It was a whole lot bigger from Karlsruhe's own -- we had to compare because we lived there together once. We found out that the park was built for birds, or so we suspect, at least. There was a more beautiful part of the park but we needed to get a ticket to get in. Why! Then we went around town and went home before it got dark...before it rained quite heavily too.

Saturday: Journey to the Lion + Sushi Picnic

Löwenburg (=Lion Castle)
We started off the day by making a few sushis we would take out on a picnic. I've made sushis twice before so it was a little bit easier for me but Rezy wanted to learn. We made two types with various fillings. Afterwards, we went to Löwenburg (Lion Castle) at the Wilhemshöhe Park. From our experience before, we decided to search another way in. We found one that was highly steep but we got where we wanted to be. This castle offered more than the Wilhelmshöhe Castle and the Hercules Building did even though it seemed a lot less useful in the past. After walking for miles and miles -- just like the previous days, we went out to the park in front of the City Museum and had our sushi picnic. The sushi turned into mulch once we opened the lunch box but it still tasted amazing all the same. What I love about this trip are: a.) I don't need to scramble to find accommodation, b.) I get to experiment more with an SLR camera and c.) It's healthy, exhausting but not rushing. Too bad our friends, Ervina and Aqbas couldn't join us. Otherwise, I'm sure it could've been even more spectacular.

Special Feature: French Connection

On my last full day in Kassel, after the sushi picnic I had with Rezy, we went to a crepe parlour that he's seen as he passed it by several times before but never really visited. When I saw the exterior of the store, I found it adorable and wanted to see it. It is none other than this French Connection Baguetterie & Crêperie! For those of you living in Kassel or visit this town often, this crepe parlour is simply a must-try. It is small and simple, located near the main train station, two buildings after the vintage cinema in Kassel. What I love the most from this store is the adorable mascot and the wonderful interior. Apparently, they also offered mini cupcakes and macaroons. So I tried one macaroon. It was my first taste of the little thing and it tasted different from what I'd expected but was enjoyable all the same. They have many different varieties of baguette sandwiches, paninies and crepes. This is also probably the only place in Germany where you can get a Chai Latte that isn't asian-based. The lady who worked there was also very friendly and I enjoyed it all, even for only a bit. I hope you guys go there and enjoy the service. Now, now, have an enjoyable Tuesday, all! Cheerio!

P.S: The 17th was also Firu's and my 22nd monthversary! 

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