Sunday, 27 May 2012

Lucy in the Sky With Flowers

Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! June is almost here! I can't believe that next week is June already. June? June? Really? This is probably the moment I've waited for this whole year. I can't believe almost half a year has passed and summer is almost here. June is the month of promises, I believe. Of birthdays. Of events. Of trips. Of freedom. Oh my, oh my. The first week of June I will be greeted by three birthdays of my beloved: my stepmother, my sister, Akitamy brother and my high school friend, Maya. There has always been something about June that renders me lovable. June weddings, for example, have been a wishful dream of, at least, american girls. In Indonesia June is the month of exams which then lead to vacations and lots and lots and lots of fun. Which is my case since, in the first week of June, I will be greeted with my first row of finals. Like we say here in Germany, ich drücke dir die Daumen  when we wish other people luck. It's like saying, "Break a leg!" but in a less negative way -- since breaking a leg wouldn't be lucky at all. I feel like, nearing all the tests that I'm supposed to pass, I'm confident. There are less and less things to worry about. Oh, please, June, come faster already. I can no longer wait.

A few days back, I read Smoozy. In case none of you has heard of this blog before, it is a german photography blog from a vietnamese woman. I love the pictures she takes and how down to earth her posts seem to be. In one of her latest posts, she made a feature of armedangels. Apparently, they are making an offer. For every "like" of their facebook page, a book will be donated to their donation partner. Now, if you read this outfit post of mine, you'll know what armedangels is all about. I do hope you will like their facebook page for the sake of charity. Don't forget to purchase something of theirs as well. Yes, it's a little pricier than one would like but it's all about fairtrade. And yes, I haven't exactly purchased anything from them myself. I do find this dress of theirs rather adorable, don't you? Now for a moment of narcissism. I really adore the third picture, the one where I stood in tall grass. It looks faraway and dreamlike, in a way. And I especially like my hairstyle in the first photograph.

Today's outfit is inspired by Elsie's Fashion Mixology. I have seen many times of styling a maxi skirt as a dress. It suits me perfectly! This floral maxi skirt of mine apparently goes well as a dress. I never thought maxi skirts can still be quite long a dress. People kept staring at me while I was wearing this outfit. Is it because they knew it was meant to be a maxi skirt instead of a dress? It felt surprisingly comfortable on me, though. I feel like I was wearing the sky what with the clear sky and cloudy motifs on it. The belt proves to be quite essential seeing as how bad it looks if I lose the belt. The gingham bolero also gives quite a spring-y look. Casually femininely peaceful somehow. This hairstyle also plays perfectly nicely with the dress and the gingham. This pair of sandals has been quite suitable to me. I think I won't let go of it at all this month...or at least this following week.

Inside the Bremen Art University

 So I did a bit of traveling this past midweek. Since I was turned down by the art university in Bremen, I needed to pick up my portfolio again -- cheap bastards. So I had to go ALL THE WAY down there -- no expenses paid -- and retrieve the damn things myself. Since it was in the middle of the week, asking anyone else to come with was out of the question. It was kind of nice to be on my own. During the trip, I was on the train for a total of 9 hours! (Not counting transits and the likes) It was really exhausting when I got home and I was all sticky that I had to take a bath at 11.00 PM. I spent 12 hours being away from Halle, apparently. As I arrived in Bremen, I went straight to the school -- which was, of course, in the middle of nowhere and was located only in a small part of a long building. I was going to take a look around town but decided against it and went straight to Hannover -- which was where I needed to transit anyway. Oh, Hannover. Last summer I spent a month working here with my beloved, Firu, and my closest friends in Germany -- the guys from this trip. It was very, very nostalgic being there. I made a point on going to Primark -- as it was my first time ever being there -- and purchased 7 items for a total of 21€! One of them being a peter pan collared-blouse. Well, that's how my week went. Cherish the Sunday, all! I know, tomorrow's Pentecost and you still have a day off. But afterwards...I have a test to pass. Please do wish me luck. Cheerio!

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