Thursday, 1 November 2012

Halloween After-Life

Batik Keris top + skirt

First and foremost, happy Halloween, you crazy kids! Okay, this doesn't look much like a Halloween costume but I swear it is. I'm a Batik Samurai. No, I didn't carve pumpkins. No, I didn't go trick-or-treating. And no, I didn't go to any Halloween party. So yeah, Germany isn't all that pumped to celebrate Halloween. All my American friends were disappointed. Either way, I'm rocking this costume. I wore this to all the three classes I had that day. I've been planning this costume since August so dammit if it wasn't going to be what I wear on Halloween. I'm glad it definitely attracted attention, though. People kept looking at me on the streets -- some of them ain't so subtle, my roommate noticed the batik and a classmate complimented it. Thanks! Too bad I couldn't carry the sword around. It'd be awesome. November is already here. Well, happy November, all! Cheerio!

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