Tuesday, 20 November 2012

The Difference Between Winter and Summer

Before I post anything else this week, I thought it would be most appropriate to post this one first. First of all, despite the fact that it's not even the end of November yet, it's gotten as cold as winter in Kassel already. Seriously! You could breathe normally through your nose and see white smoke coming out. I was brave enough not to wear gloves/mittens here but I kept my hands inside my pockets at all times. Temperature-wise, I guess it's safe to say that it's winter already. The leaves have all fallen down, colours of autumn can barely be seen anymore and it's usually cloudy and misty all week long. Truthfully, I hate the fact that winter's coming and it will barely be sunny from now on. But I do have a couple things to look forward to this winter so I'm at least excited about that. It'll be awesome!

The Executive Blouse // thrifted vest // Romwe skirt via Flattery // Yumi Direct Coat (Sis's) // H&M tights 

// Deichmann chelsea boots // Dept. Store bandana

The moment I laid my eyes on this skirt on Breanne's closet, I...fell...in...LOVE! It's called Bubbly Skirt, which fits the description just right and YES! I love me that type of skirts. I hesitated upon buying it but contacted Breanne anyway. She was patient and kind in giving me the best solution. I bought it along with another item on her Etsy shop. A little secret: this skirt doesn't really fit me (blame my huge buttocks!) but I don't regret buying it one bit. Florals are meant for spring/summer and not for winter but I didn't care and put this on anyway. Well, can I help it with it being so adorable? Also, have I mentioned how much I adore this coat from my beloved sister, Amaquita? Oh, and here below is how Breanne styled this skirt herself. I love her styling and wish I have legs as beautiful as hers.

Enjoy your bubbly Tuesday! Cheerio!

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