Saturday, 24 November 2012

The Relation Between Smoke and Chunkies

H&M beanie + dress + cardigan + tights // Pieces scarf // Primark coat + brogues // flea market skirt // gifted bag // Colloseum belt

Kassel has become quite chilly lately and going out without so much as a coat and scarf is just ridiculous. On the day I took these photos, it had gone below zero degree and I could simply breathe white smoke into the air. I tried to show it to you on the 4th photo but failed miserably. Even though it's been quite cold, mists don't appear as often as it did before. Now that autumn's high days look to be quite over, I can't wait for the snow to arrive and christmas holiday to knock on my door. This christmas, I am going to shower myself with a whole lot of love by meeting up with friends and places I haven't seen since the beginning of this year. I've missed them so much. Please let this winter be a winter full of love and care.

What do you think about this skirt, guys? Sometimes I think it looks to frilly to be worn anywhere. Sometimes I think it's mega-beautiful and I want to wear it everywhere. I do love layered skirts, though. I just don't know if they love me. First of all, they don't really fit my carefree and somewhat brutal personality. They don't fit my activities (I just can't stay still for two seconds). Now that the temperature's officially gone colder, I think I'm going to be best friends with this beanie and scarf. Definitely want some more chunky stuff. Happy-go-lucky weekend, you! Cheerio!

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