Monday, 12 November 2012

Happiness is a Warm Gun

If On a Winter's Night Young Lovers tee via Threadless // Dust Jeans denim // 1982 varsity jacket // Mom's rucksack // Lucky Shoes boots via Soho Zoo // Primark coat // Flea market scarf // Philips headphone

It's been said again and again...and again that happiness is as simple as (the name of a simple cause here). Well, for starters, that's not happiness, that's joy. Happiness is something everlasting, like something you keep at the back of your mind. Kind of like the rug of your room you step on to feel comfortable. There are many cause of joy. On a normal day, those are catching the bus/tram/train on time, meeting new and nice people, making someone smile, being witness to beautiful scenery, checking things off my to-do list, and being able to sleep in my bed. On this day, though, finding a mushroom added up to the list. But, really, joy isn't that hard to find but you have to be happy enough to find it. And happiness, well, all you need to do is remember the things that you have and be grateful for them. Or the things you've lost and be grateful for those too -- we know not all of them are much a loss after all.

In this particular outfit, I am incredibly grateful with what I own. I'm pretty sure I've featured this tee a couple times before but I've never once mentioned that this is my most favourite tee. It's my first ever purchase from Threadless. I love how much like a body-painting it looks on me. And what's more, it's the night sky. Oh, heavenly! I almost don't want to wear it too often and keep it for special occasions. These pants too! I haven't worn them for a year because I thought they'd make me look fat. Well, first, that ain't true! And second, they still fit me incredibly like a sock. I think the colour's faded a little bit but I adore how much like a tree bark they look. Where did I find all these gems? I should stop shopping for more and cherish what I have. As should you! Cheerio!

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