Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Room to Inspire

N.y.L.a. top // ONLY skirt // Primark chunky cardigan // thrifted tights // flea market loafers // gifted bag // C&A coat // Pieces scarf

One of my favourite things about being a college student right about now is the fact that my art campus is located just on the side of the park. So it's safe to say that the park is the backyard of my campus. And, because most of the building is glass anyway, when you walk from the south all the way through to the north wing, you can see a number of beautifully golden trees and the river. It's so refreshing. Maybe it was purposefully made like that so that the students can get more inspired to create awesome art and design projects. Plus, it's well-known that the whole park can be used for exhibitions -- like in documenta(13). Creative or what? Aside from that, it's also a great excuse to have BBQ parties in the backyard. Haha.

I'm sure, if you've watched the news or got at least one friend in Germany, you all know: it snowed lightly here recently. Since then on, the mornings and nights have been cold enough to make our breath clear white. So I definitely layered a whole lot...too much maybe. I ended up wanting to get into a room, sit down and both warm up from the cold and shed my layers to stop sweating. If you haven't noticed, this coat is my go-to coat since I got it last autumn and these loafers are from this flea market. Yeah, one of the 3 purchased items. Autumn euphoria has yet to end. To prove it, here's a gif of me twirling on top of wet, dead leaves.

Have a wondrous Tuesday! Cheerio!

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