Friday, 2 November 2012

Autumn 2011 Nostalgia

These are a few snapshots of last year's autumn. That was one magical season. I was having a bit of a rough time because I just moved out of my beloved Karlsruhe, away from friends and Firu, into a new town I didn't like very much. I did meet up with them three times last October. In comparison to chilly Halle, Karlsruhe was heaven! The first picture was of Halle. Look how misty it was! Thank God, Kassel only got to be like that one day. I went to Dresden and Halloren Chocolate Museum with the class, to Nuremberg with my buddies and to Karlsruhe to see my love. That was one bittersweet autumn, unlike this one, but these memories will live on. Thanks for peeking, guys! And for those people who's been there, thanks for being by my side. This weekend I'm going back to Halle to see some friends. See you guys there! Cheerio!

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  1. great photos!

    xo Jennifer


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