Wednesday, 14 November 2012

桜子と 一緒に:The Morning After

Last weekend I went out to see Sakurako and show her my favourite Asia Grocery Store in town. She was very pleased to see all the asian (including Japanese) stuff they had in store. I went ahead and purchased six packs of noodles and crackers. Sakurako only bought one Indomie (Yaay!) and a bottle of soy sauce. Afterwards, according to the plan, Sakurako was to teach me how to set up a website. In the end, we just ended up showing each other our artworks and talk about other things. Long story short, I decided to crash at her place and she was also so excited about it.


The first three photos are from the night before and the rest are from the morning after. Sakurako was kind enough to cook me one her instant Hayashi Rice and Miso Soup -- which made all Indonesian instant food seem inadequate. It was overwhelmingly delicious! We both got too full for words. But that wasn't the end of that. Arnoud, Sakurako's housemate -- who came from France, backed some Crème Brûlée -- his first try. It was modified with some chocolate and, even though it kind of failed, it tasted awesome! He is one French guy who breaks all the stereotype for a French guy. That's a compliment. Afterwards, Sakurako and I spent the night correcting my kanji-writing and teaching me all about writing in Japanese. She is just so awesome and I enjoy her company incredibly! Thank you so much for the weekend. Now enjoy your midweek. Cheerio!

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