Thursday, 22 November 2012

5 Things Which Make Me Happy

These days I've been really happy and enjoying my life. The student life is going on and I've been kept quite busy (okay, somewhat busy) by it. Even though I'm currently living practically alone - in the sense that I'm not living with any friends - in a town that has so few Indonesians, I feel happier now than back when I was in Halle. I was bewildered by that fact myself but, instead of thinking too much about it, I decided to just be thankful of the factors. To show my deepest gratitude, I'm listing top five factors why I'm ever so gleeful these days instagram-style.

 1. Geographically Closer to Firu - Short distance relationship is what we've had for the past year. I call it short distance, mostly because we still live in the same country. Before, we lived over 500 km away from each other. By regular train, it'd take at least 6 hours to get to him and by car it'd be 5 hours. Definitely not enough for a weekend. Now I can reach him by car in 2 1/2 hours or by train in less than 4 hours. Money is still an issue...but isn't it always? I'm so glad we live in two different places, though. Mostly, because it gives me the reason to explore. Aww yeah!

 2. Studying Art History - When I was little, Art History was the last thing I wanted to study. Mostly, because it had the impression of consisting of thousands of research and boring subjects. I'm partly right. It does consist of thousands of research and reading thick books. But it also includes looking at beautiful and attractive pictures, which I can't say no to. I guess it's true what people say about following one's passion. I'm in heaven now, so to speak. Plus, the few hours of lectures and seminars within the week is a bonus.

 3. Being Friends with Sakurako - This girl is the best! I think, the best part is how she puts up with all my flaws. So far, I think she's such a Yamato Nadeshiko in a way that she behaves appropriately yet doesn't try to get me to do the same. Haha. We share the same interests - she also likes Anime and Manga and we like similar genres - and she reads this blog sometimes too. あ!この子が大好き!She's so adorable in trying to learn German and so patient in teaching me Japanese. I want to take her to places and show her beauty in all its form. Please don't go home too soon.

 4. Living in a Beautiful Town - I don't know if I've said this before but Kassel is unbelievably beautiful. There're always nooks and crannies where you can catch glimpses of nature. My favourite part is the Stadtpark (City Park) where it looks almost like a domesticated forest and trees seem to run for miles and miles. My campus is also located on the outskirts of it. In fact, the library itself faces the park, which makes it hard for me to concentrate upon researching. I'm so happy that there's always a sufficient amount of sunlight out here. There's never any difficulty for me to find wondrous spots for my photoshoots.

5. Having a Permanent Home with Roommates - Yaay! For all the time I've lived in Germany, I can always see a future where I had to move somewhere else. This is my sixth home so far. Wow! It hasn't even been two years and already I moved more times than I did my whole life in Indonesia. It's been fun, living in a lot of different places. However, it's extremely tiring to get all my things from one place to another. So finding a permanent home out here is really good. With roommates too! We're not particularly close but I love hearing small ruckus at night, my ultimate lullaby. Let's hope I never have to move again during my study.

So do you have anything you're thankful for? Stop being down in the dump and enjoy the rest of your life. Cheerio!

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