Monday, 26 November 2012

Friendly Feature: Illustrators Arise! #3

How come I almost always conjure up posts like this when I'm supposed to be doing something else? You don't believe me? Why don't you just see the previous two posts (this and this). Anyway, yeah, I'm supposed to be reading up on some materials for the Sociology tutorial tomorrow -- Oops! But I just keep thinking and scrolling through webpages of talented illustrators. Said illustrators are as follows.

Feature #9: Rose Wong

All illustrations from her deviantART

Rose is the first one I feature mostly because it was thanks to her tumblr page which I stumbled upon that I created this post at all. To be perfectly honest, I don't remember when I've found her but I've been following her in tumblr for almost two years now. I adore her almost-mystical touch with all the squiggly lines -- I'm sure there's a more academic term for them but, yeah. I love her ability to think absolutely outside of the box (especially with things coming out of things). Her prints are always so detailed in a way that won't make your eyes lose eyesight. By the way, you might be interested to know that she's selling prints of her illustrations in her Etsy shop. They're pretty affordable so I'd highly recommend.

Feature #10: Audrey Kawasaki

First picture + others

Here is an obvious feature. Who doesn't know Audrey Kawasaki?! I mean, come on, if you've been roaming the internet/tumblr long enough, you'd be sure to spot her artworks. I first heard about her when my sister, who's pretty much smitten with this lady's talent and creations, told me about her. What  absolutely admirable about her artwork is the tidy outline of her ladies/men and the soft colouring of everything -- if it were up to me, I'd call it Neo-Muchanism. Aside from that, her mixture of traditional beauty, namely, ideally formed ladies, and grotesque elements seals her artworks' characteristic. I think those give her ladies a mysterious atmosphere, as ladies should be, I guess?

Feature #11: Roman Muradov

All illustrations from his tumblr page

Not much I can find out about this illustrator. He has a lot of pages, though, so you can totally just scroll around and see what he's got. Apparently, he's studying at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. His style seems to flow naturally and barely has any edges. I love such styles! It seems so children-friendly but not in a completely childish kind of way. His play with forms, colours and patterns also attracts my eyes. This is the kind of art one wants to see in a cartoon/animation.

Feature #12: You Byun

All pictures from her website

How adorable is this style? Incredibly adorable! You Byun came to my attention these days mostly because she's been tweeting with Jon Burgerman, who I also admire. Despite the fact that her style is mostly cutesy, cutesy, I think it has the touch of fairy tales in the most innocent way -- a way that I think these days is lost. I'm sorry to say that I don't know her works very much but I do adore it so much. Several weeks ago, she did a collaboration with Jon for their art show in Rojo Bemelo in Mexico. I didn't go but, from twitter, I think it's such an interesting collaboration.

These illustrators are perfectly awesome. Their individual styles and characteristics are wondrous. When will I be as awesome as these guys? Anyway, you should go to their pages and check out their portfolios. If you're lucky, some of their prints might still be for sale. Or, better yet, you might be able to commission them. Happy Monday, all!

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