Sunday, 18 November 2012

Two (Hearts) Are Better Than One

Yesterday was Firu's and my 28th monthversary! Wow, can you believe it? I still can't get over the fact that we've been going out this long. Yes, it doesn't sound like much compared to some people but I'm excited either way.In commemoration of this day (like we usually try to do every month), we decided to explore a little bit and spend the day together. Thank God it was a Saturday, lest I wouldn't be able to visit him. We went to Essen, grabbed lunch, went grocery shopping and visited one of their landmarks, Baldeneysee.

Minimal dress c/o Amaquita // Yumi coat c/o Amaquita // Pieces scarf // Swarovski necklace (from Firu) //

Falke tights // Deichmann chelsea boots // gifted bag

I was so thrilled to be spending the day in my sister's minimal dress and detective-like coat. Even though this whole day was about Firu and me, I wanted to say a little bit something about me and my beloved sister. I was inspired by Tieka to do a little bit of clothing swap with my sister - who, luckily enough, lives in a whole different hemisphere of the world. She sent me over this beautiful dress plus adorable coat. I love them to pieces. I will be featuring her look of the shorts I sent to her later on on the blog. Aside from those, another beloved piece I was wearing was this beautiful necklace from Firu. It was his present for me for the said monthversary - which, fortunately, arrived that same morning. The only exception for me to take off my usual Swarovski heart necklace - which was also from him.

Afterwards, we went home, got into our sweats and watched Ted. I know we're late but that movie is freaking hilarious in a twisted way that children will never understand. Despite the fact that we didn't do anything particularly celebratory, I enjoyed it so much. And now I'm typing this blog while the man snoozes off. But he let me install Photoshop and edit these photos on his notebook. Thank you for being supportive of my passion even though you don't really get it, dear. I love you to pieces. Have a lovely Sunday, all! Cheerio!

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